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When you adopt an animal from Hull Animal Welfare Trust it will be vaccinated and neutered. When you buy an animal from a pet shop, breeder or perhaps through an advertisement in a paper, on top of the purchase price, you will then need to pay for the animal to be neutered and vaccinated.






Typical costs for vaccinations are:



Dog – £59 including kennel cough.



Cat – £24



Rabbit – £32



Typical costs for neutering are:



Bitch (medium sized) – £170 Dog (medium sized) – £124



Cat (female) – £60 Cat (male) – £34



Rabbit (female) – £63 Rabbit (male) – £63



Guinea pig (male) – £63



Other costs (included in Hull Animal Welfare adoption fee)



Feline Aids test – £52



ID chipping (All dogs and cats) – £20



Our current adoption fees are:



Puppies less than 6 months old £180



X – breed dogs over 6 months old £150



Pedigree dogs £130 – £350 (depending on age / breed)



Cats and kittens £70 (black / black and white) £75 (other colours)



Pedigrees £75+



Rabbits £25 each (usually re-homed in pairs)



Guinea Pigs aged less than 4 years £20



Guinea Pigs aged 4 plus £15



You will see that our adoption fees, in most cases, are less than the cost of neutering and vaccinating the animal. Our goal is to ensure that all the animals are adopted into suitable, loving homes, are protected from common viruses and neutered so that they do not go on to add to the problem of unwanted animals.



NB. If the animal you adopt is too young to be neutered / ID chipped, this will be arranged when it reaches a suitable age and will be funded by Hull Animal Welfare Trust.



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