Rita & Dave

Status: Lost
Animal: Cats
Location: Swanland
Date: 1 Mar 2014

My two cats have gone missing. Rita is a tortie cat. Very colourful and has distinctive markings. her face is half ginger and half black with a white mask. She has a black dot on the middle of her nose, she’s quite a dainty little cat about 5 years old. been missing around 5 weeks now. This must be beginning of March 2014.
And Dave, he is a big cat, very good-looking cat, almost a white body and a grey and black tabby back. he is around 9 or 10. They have both gone missing from the Swanland area, and with them both going im worried there is poison about! They are both from Hull Animal Welfare originally, neutered and chipped but to my old address. Any news 07725213095

Awaiting old address and photo

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