Lost Cat Smudge Buccaneer Way Brough HU15 1EW reunited

Status: Lost
Animal: White and Black Cat
Location: Buccaneer Way Brough HU15 1EW
Date: 27 May 2017




Happy to say that we have now found Smudge who is currently locked in the house waiting to go the vets tomorrow.  With very many thanks for your help and with best wishes. Fiona



Our cat, Smudge, has been missing from Brough since Saturday afternoon (27 May 2017). He is a mostly white Tom cat with black markings (noticeably a small black smudge over his left eye, a black back and a thick black tail). The attached photo (taken with our black cat Ernie) is a good likeliness except that it was taken when Smudge had his winter coat, which makes him look much larger and fatter than he does at this time of year. He is a very gentle cat but we describe him as semi-feral, as he is shy and doesn’t like to be picked up, although he seems used to humans so may originally have been something like a farm cat. He adopted us and we don’t know how old he is – perhaps 3 or 4 years old.



We have a cat door and Smudge normally returns to the house about a dozen times a day, to sleep or eat. I am very worried as, when he came in to eat on Saturday lunchtime, he appeared to be in pain when he tried to chew solid food and I thought that he he might have had an accident and hurt his jaw or had a problem with a tooth but he ran out of the house when I tried to get close to him. He returned to the house later that afternoon but ran off again when I approached him. I chased after him and spent some time trying to catch him, which seemed to distress him, and he hasn’t returned to the house since. He adopted us some time ago and seemed very settled and happy with us and I was intending to have him micro-chipped and neutered (like our other cats) but now fear that I’ve left it too late.



Fiona Telehone 01482 668572  Mobile: 07513034454  E-mail: fiona@bagchi.karoo.co.uk or fiona.bagchi@wyke.ac.uk.   Address: 25 Buccaneer Way, Brough HU15 1EW


Awaiting photo

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