Gary (Reunited)

Status: Lost
Animal: Cat
Location: Skirlaugh
Date: 23 Oct 2014

Hi I wanted to let you know my cat Gary was found alive a few weeks ago where he went missing on Bricknell Av in Hull a looked after him.for a few days and found me on facebook but I don’t know where he had been for the previous 8 weeks they had him four days thankyou for tour help and letting me advertise on your website I’m really greatful x

Hi I don’t know who to contact regarding male 1-year-old cat Gary climbed in through back of a van on saturday afternoon in Skirlaugh, my brother saw him on the van but he always gets down again..well hours went by and its unusual for him to be out that long he’s always home for my husband getting home so then we thought maybe he went in the van so we got the number of with the van and tried calling him all night but his phone was switched off. He called us yesterday morning at 7.30 to say Gary was in the back of the van, he jumped out in the Barrowman Pub car park on a Avenue Estate. Gary wouldn’t go to the man and hasn’t been seen since so he’s travelled all that way he doesn’t have a.clue where he is and its two nights he’s been missing now I’ve joined the facebook pages and we’ve been out looking him I spent 3 hours in the.morning and on the evening on that estate and just in hoping to find him but I’ve had no luck please can you help, thank you x he is black has a white chin white on his belly and white paws he’s my two-year old cat and she’s devastated

Direct contact numbers 01964 563953 0750 096 1625

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