Found Cat, could this be Dickens reunited

Status: Lost
Animal: Tabby Cat
Location: Spring Bank West, Iron Bridge
Date: 14 Aug 2016






Sadly this turned out not to be Dickens but the cat was chipped and has been re-united with owner, the cat had been missing for nearly 2 years, a good ending.  Well done to the person who found it and went to the trouble of re-uniting with the owner



Nearly two years ago Dickens was reported lost, someone has contacted us today 14th August 2016 saying they have found a very similar cat, could it be Dickens?   Sadly the contact number for Dickens’ owner is no longer available, would that person email us on



Original message



My tabby and white male cat is missing from Spring Bank West in Hull he is about one year old. We live on the new houses on Spring Bank West next to iron bridge

I have put posters up, I’m walking the streets asking everyone I see but no luck he is a scared little cat always has been he was found in a shed at 6 weeks old

Direct contact number 0785 035 0386 Thank You



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