Found Cat

Status: Found
Animal: Cat
Location: Willerby/Anlaby

For the last 6-8 weeks or so, we have had this little black cat come into the garden on a regular basis. We are unsure if he is someone’s lost pet, a stray or semi feral as he is very timid, scares quite easily and is un-neutered, so therefore could roaming from the following areas – Maplewood Avenue, Westborough Way, Norland Avenue, Spring Bank West, Willerby Road or Anlaby High Road.

He looks all black but in certain light has a brown sheen with the odd few white hairs through his fur and doesn’t look too old (12-24 months?)

If anyone knows who he does or may belong to, please can you email me at – then at least we’ll know he does have a home out there!

Many thanks, Heather

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