Status: Found
Animal: Cat
Location: Malton Road between Beverley and Cherry Burton HU17 7QY
Date: 8 Oct 2016




tortured-catHi this cat has appeared today in the field next to me, it looks like it has been tortured, I have been trying to get some down to see if it has a microchip since the time of this photo and no one is interested, it was hanging around my property in April and disappeared around the same time as my own cat Summer who is still missing, someone has chopped off his or her tail which has been placed 6 inches away there is no blood so I think it’s tail was cut off somewhere else, it’s teeth look smashed in, it is in the middle of a field next door to me.  Very upsetting, as I can not get anyone even to come and see if it has a microchip.


We (HAW) replied suggesting the police and RSPCA got involved and that warning posters were put up in the area.


Thank you so much for your reply, I phoned the police on Saturday who were not interested and told me to phone the RSPCA, So I phoned the RSPCA, and after listening to their music for half an hour I got a human who said someone will come out that day, no one came but I received a phone call late on a night to say they would come out tomorrow. They did not come out and left a voice message at lunchtime to say there was no point in coming out as the cat was dead and told me to phone the police. At 6 pm today Cats Protection came out to check for a microchip but the cat did not have one, this is a shame as I am sure someone misses him.  Cats Protection told me that it would be no use calling the council as he had been dumped in the middle of a field so they wouldn’t be interested, so tomorrow I will try to bury him.



I have lost 3 cats here since May 2015 when my first cat was poisoned and there was no help from the police and RSPCA then.  Two missing and one poisoned, my dog was also poisoned but was sick and recovered, also 3 strays have disappeared in one year, this cat in this photo was one of them, probably the other 4 suffered the same fate?



Please would you put him on your lost and found website in case anyone is still looking for him? Also could you put my mobile number 07906770760, if they want any information I will do my best.  Kindest Regards,  Jacky

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