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If you have a missing pet and you would like to put him/her on our website please send to feedback@hullanimalwelfare.co.uk:



Animal’s name

Full description including age sex or any distinguishing marks

If neutered or micro-chipped

Area, post code and date lost

Direct contact number for yourself we can show on website and a photo if possible



If only a couple of animals are re united with their owner it will be worthwhile

Lost Cat Anna Brentwood Ave Hardwick Street Hull HU5 3NJ(Lost)

      Hi there, Our hearts are in ruin!!! Lost cat Anna, she's ginger and white, pink foot pads, nose and lips. Right eye slightly crooked, her tail fur… Read more >>

Lost Dog Filip Hessle Road(Lost)

        Filip, 4ish, Staffie, white with black dots, is neutered and micro-chipeed. Filip escaped yesterday (11.01.19) on the Hessle Road area. If any one seen him please… Read more >>

Found Cat Loatley Green area Cottingham HU16 4RX(Found)

      Hi this is a cat we found (or it found us) do not know its sex name if microchipped or neutered no collar does not get on… Read more >>

Lost Cat Hucknall Garth Bransholme reunited(Lost)

      Our cat Kernow has now returned home. Many thanks for all your help and advice during this stressful time.     Lost from Hucknall Garth Bransholme. Young… Read more >>

Lost Cat Gavin Maybury Road area Frances Brady Way HU9 3BW(Lost)

      Hi, our cat, Gavin, has been missing since last Monday 31st Dec 2018.  e has never done anything like this before and we would like him home… Read more >>

Lost Cat Pusia Mayfield Street Spring Bank HU3 1NY.(Lost)

    My cat Pusia is missing since 15 December, it’s a male, he was neutered but not micro chipped. He was usually “going out” for few hours, when last… Read more >>

Lost Cat Mog New Ellerby area HU11 5PA(Lost)

      Mog is about 18 months old, fully black cat. New Ellerby area, HU11 5PA Last seen 21st December 2018 Please contact Gwen on 07964269446. Many thanks Read more >>

Lost Cat Deano Oak Hill Willerby HU10 6DH(Lost)

      If anyone in Willerby or even Cottingham sees my cat Deano please can you let me know. We haven't seen him since Monday 17th Dec. He often… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jasper Sutton Road (near Pilot Pub) Hull HU6 7DR.(Lost)

      Jasper has been missing since Wednesday 5th December, when he escaped from the house on Sutton Road (near Pilot Pub), Hull HU6 7DR. He is an 8… Read more >>

Found Cat The Hawthorns Keepmoat Homes, off Hawthorne Avenue, Hull – near Anlaby Road HU3 5PY(Found)

      I had a call yesterday about a cat that may be a stray. I went to see him/her and we have been feeding it. So far we… Read more >>

Lost Cat Billy Ellerker Main Street area HU15 2DH reunited(Lost)

      Billy has turned up back at home! My husband has just called me to advise – he is fine, dirty and hungry, but uninjured (the cat, not… Read more >>

Lost Cat Vivi 108 Kirkham Avenue HU5 2BT reunited(Lost)

      Good news - Vivi has returned. She is slightly skinny and afraid but she is home.  I am so happy and really grateful for your help.  Thank… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jonesy Ellerker reunited(Lost)

      We found Jonesy this morning 24th! He was under some shrubbery a few houses away. We’ve taken him to the vets - might have broken something at… Read more >>

Found Cat 4 Suffolk Terrace Beverley Road Hull next to service station(Found)

      A black cat kept coming in my garden and I noticed his collar way too small so I took it off. The cat is very friendly but… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tilly Mersey Street Holderness Road HU8 8SF(Lost)

      Sadly Tilly was found dead today (21st December 2018).  RIP Tilly       Tilly (cat) aged 6yrs toftie colour went missing November 5th Mersey Street Holderness… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tilly Hedon reunited(Lost)

      Update Tilly who was missing in Hedon has returned home thanks for sharing on your website so happy to have her back home     Lost female… Read more >>

Found Cat Percy Street central Hull HU2 8HL reunuted(Found)

      Tracey. 09 November My husband took the fluffy cat to the vets today and microchip revealed a little girl called Aurora who is now reunited with her… Read more >>

Lost Cat Molly Kirk Ella HU10 7PF reunited(Lost)

      Dear all at HAWT, just to let you know that our cat Molly was found safe and well today 8th after missing for two weeks.  Kind regards,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Freddie Park Road area HU3 just off Beverley Road reunited(Lost)

      Hi thank you so much for putting your add on your website Freddie has come home bless him he looks like he’s been trapped somewhere so taking… Read more >>

Lost Dogs Quin and Dextar James Reckitt Avenue(Lost)

      The one on the left is Quin a female Collie x Dutch Shepard 4 months old. She was wearing a red banda. The one on the right… Read more >>

Lost Dog Ocean Bilton/Longhill area Bilton reunited(Lost)

        We’ve had some good news. We’ve found her and we’ve got her home safe and sound.  Thank you ever so much for all your help and… Read more >>

Found Cat Biggin Avenue HU7(Found)

      Hi, I’ve been feeding this cat for months and he now lives in my garden. Am in HU7 area, Biggin Avenue. If his owner can be found… Read more >>

Lost Rabbit Honey Goxhill DN19 7JZ(Lost)

      Honey. 6 year old, female Netherland Dwarf. Light beige colour. Not microchipped. Lost from Goxhill DN19 7JZ Contact number- 07446855278 Read more >>

Lost Cat Marley Victoria Dock Hu9 1PT(Lost)

      Marley, approx 14 year old black male cat, with white fur on his paws and face, and a little black patch on his chin.  He’s neutered but… Read more >>

Lost Cat Beryl Anlaby Park HU4 6XH reunited(Lost)

      Hello, having put posters everywhere - Beryl returned home safe and well last night. Many thanks for your help and support  Lisa     Beryl is a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Molly Perth Street Hull HU5 reunited(Lost)

      Hi, you recently posted my dads lost cat Molly on your website, just to let you know she has now been found, someone had taken her into… Read more >>

Lost Rabbit Squishy Manor Road, Wold Road area HU5 5NS(Lost)

      My Rabbit ‘Squishy’ has been missing since 22nd Sept (late) from Manor Road, Wold Road area HU5 5NS, he is a Black/Charcoal, Lionhead & is not even… Read more >>

Lost Cat Simba Grimston Road Anlaby reunited(Lost)

      Simba is back home safe. Thank you for your assistance. I hope she doesn't do this again. It wasn't a nice experience. Thank you once again.  … Read more >>

Lost Cat Nicky Sunningdale Road Hull HU4 6JB/Heathfield Square HU3 5DS(Lost)

      My beloved cat Nicky has been missing since Monday 24th September. He is male, neutered and microchipped and is nearly 10. He is white with dark 'stepping… Read more >>

Lost Cat Psotka Inglemire Lane 380 HU6 8JG(Lost)

      Name: Psotka.  A ginger-white cat, female, 1 year old, it has ginger spot on the left side of the nose and red collar with a bell. She… Read more >>

Lost Cat Ziggy Thorngumbald(Lost)

      Ziggy was last seen on 14th of September in Thorngumbald. He is a 2 year old tabby cat who is neutered and microchipped. He doesn't wear a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Riley Centurion Place Brough HU15 1QZ Found(Lost)

            We received this sad news today 24th - Hello, unfortunately we recieved the sad new this morning that our cat has passed away. Thank… Read more >>

Lost Cat Oscar ONE YEAR NOW Rowley Road area of Little Weighton HU20 3XL.(Lost)

        OUR BOY OSCAR HAS BEEN MISSING FOR NEARLY A YEAR   We understand this is a farming area, could Oscar be living on your farm semi… Read more >>

Lost Cat Harry Lymington Garth, Boothferry Estate, Hull reunited(Lost)

      My cat has now been found. Thank you for helping. Kind regards. Michelle     Hello, my cat is missing he is male, black and white. Name… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sandy LOCKINGTON village between Beverley and Driffield(Lost)

      10 September 2018 22:05  LOST! LOCKINGTON village between Beverley and Driffield  Name: Sandy  Ginger and white male cat 3 years old, long stripey pale ginger and white… Read more >>

Lost Rabbit Pongo Denesway off Swanland Road Hessle reunited(Lost)

      Pongo has been found. Thankyou so much for your help     Much loved male Rabbit named Pongo missing from Denesway off Swanland Road in Hessle. Desperate… Read more >>

Lost Amber Windsor Avenue Anlaby HU10 reunited(Lost)

    Hi, pleased to advise Amber has been found. Neighbour found her hidden behind settee. Many thanks Caroline       Ginger Female Maine Coon house cat, 2 years… Read more >>

Lost Cat Suzie Queensgate Cemetery area in Beverley,(Lost)

      Hi, this is my cat Suzie who has been missing since 28th Aug, from Queensgate Cemetery area in Beverley, she is chipped and neutered, she is 3yrs… Read more >>

Lost Cat Teddy Southcoates Avenue(Lost)

      Lost Cat Teddy. From Southcoates Avenue area. Missing since July 5th. White and grey. Very timid. No collar but is chipped. Much loved and missed cat. Contact:… Read more >>

Lost Cat Phoebe Lincoln Way Beverley HU17 8UR(Lost)

      Phoebe 2 year old female, grey, tabby markings.  If you live in this area please check garages sheds etc as she doesn't usually wander far.  Any information,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Aurora next to the crossroads of Anlaby Road and St Georges Road HU3 6ED(Lost)

      Aurora is a black and white, rather small (aroud 3kg), female cat. She is neutered, as well as microchipped. She has a lovely coat of medium-long hairs… Read more >>

Lost Budgie Bobbie Bricknell Avenue Chanterlands Avenue National Avenue(Lost)

    Lost male green and yellow budgie on Bricknell Avenue Chanterlands Avenue National Avenue area, Tuesday 21st August.  He has a yellow head. He is called Bobbie and talks… Read more >>

Lost Cat Busted Stornaway Square HU8 9LJ(Lost)

      Lost female black and white cat called Busted. Only has ONE EYE, is aged about 12 years old and is microchipped. Went missing from Stornaway Square, HU8… Read more >>

Lost Cat Steve Woodheys Park Kingswood HU7 3AN(Lost)

      Our cat has gone missing. He answers to his name Steve. Male cat, grey/brown and black tabby with a white chest and 4 white paws. He's microchipped… Read more >>

Lost Cat Evie Hazelbarrow Drive Willerby HU10 6QX reunited(Lost)

      Thank You for your efforts. Evie returned home last night (17/8/2018) having had a 4 day lock-in at a Public House, which is in close proximity to… Read more >>

Lost Dog Digger Orchard Park field near Middledyke Lane reunited(Lost)

      Just had a call from PDSA. Someone's found him and I'm going to pick him up. Thank you for your help and support.   Jamie     Lost… Read more >>

Lost Cat Spook Didscourt Hull HU6 8BB reunited(Lost)

      He was found trapped behind our neighbours large garden bin tonight! Only a few minutes ago! But thanks for your help anyway 😊 Regards, Samantha    … Read more >>

Lost Cat Savannah Lambath/Hathersage Road HU8(Lost)

      Lost in the HU8 Lambath/Hathersage Road area, she is a microchipped & speyed.  Snow white Savannah who is just over a year old has very very blue… Read more >>

Missing Dog(Lost)

    MISSING -  Poppy is a black cocker spaniel and is 10 years old. She is micro chipped. She has a small white patch on her chest. Missing from old… Read more >>

Missing Cat(Lost)

Suki Timid cat, about 13 years old, black with white paws and face, black 'moustache', small nick out of left ear, small Neutered Lost 25 July 2018, Mill Beck Lane… Read more >>

Lost Cat Pixie Jenny Brough Lane in Hessle HU13 0JZ reunited(Lost)

      Pixie has been found!     Hi please help!!! We’ve lost our cat Pixie she went missing 24th July from the Barn House on Jenny Brough Lane… Read more >>

Lost Budgie Budge Eastfield Road HU4 6DU reunited(Lost)

      Hi guys, hust to let you know that he’s been found as a result of your wonderful webpage! He is now back at home where he belongs… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tinkerbell West End on Annie Med Lane South Cave HU15 2HG(Lost)

    Our cat went missing 20.07.18; we are both really worried as she is never away from home for more than 3 hours, and we are now coming up… Read more >>

Lost Cat Annie Hawthorne Ave area HU3 5QQ reunited(Lost)

      20.07.18 Thankyou for your support. After a lot of persuading and dedication I managed to lure her out of the bushes and safely back home. She is… Read more >>

Lost Cat Whiskers North Road Hull HU4 6BZ(Lost)

      This is Whiskers, she is missing.  She is a 17 year old female, neutered. She has one eye and is deaf. She is also very small. She… Read more >>

Lost Cat Minnie The Hawthornes new build area HU3 reunited(Lost)

      Thanks for your help. Minnie’s well!. She found her way behind the kitchen cabinet kickboard. I’ve inspected the area and I can’t figure out how she got… Read more >>

Lost Cat Myrtle Dunswell Road HU16 4JA reunited(Lost)

      Many thanks for your help. We found the cat and after some SAS style manoeuvres one of our children managed to catch her     MISSING! Tortoiseshell… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bastian St Nicholas Ave near Hessle HU4 7AH reunited(Lost)

      This is embarrassing. We found him in the early hours of the morning 10th July a few doors away prowling in the neighbours gardens. Haven't been able… Read more >>

Lost Dog Millie 5nd Newington Street area West Hull HU3 reunited(Lost)

    Millie has now been found thank you for your help     Millie is a lurcher type dog. She is a sand colour with a white flash on… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bodi Newland Avenue area HU5 reunited(Lost)

      Bodi has been found, thank you for putting him up on your website     Bodi, a male black and white cat has been cat missing Since… Read more >>

Lost Cat Fleur Sutton Park/Gorsedale HU7 4AT(Lost)

      Missing cat Fleur, age 10, micro chipped. Missing since Thurs 21st June 2018 Sutton Park/Gorsedale HU7 4AT.  Contact Nancy 07814351059.  Thank you Read more >>

Lost Dog called Cat Tickton Beverley(Lost)

      Hello, I lost a pale yellow Labrador size Asian street dog known at Cat (docked tail) near Tickton Beverley this morning. Rather an aristocratoc dog with slanted… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lola Newland Avenue Edecumbe Street HU5 2EU(Lost)

      Missing - Lola. 10 months old female, white long fur, grey spot between ears. No micro-chipped. Lost at Newland Avenue Edecumbe Street HU5 2EU at 07.06.18. Call… Read more >>

Found Cat Steynburg Street / Wynburg Street HU9(Found)

      Friendly cat found has been living in garden since roughly 17/06/18?? Steynburg Street / Wynburg Street HU9 area. Contact number 07871229783     Date queried    … Read more >>

Lost Cat Tomsk Garton on the Wolds near Driffield, YO25 3EU reunited(Lost)

  Hello, just to let you know our cat Tomsk from Garton on the Wolds turned up last night, after a lot of coaxing! One of our neighbours let us… Read more >>

Lost Cat Daisy De La Pole Avenue HU3 6RB(Lost)

      Daisy, small female cat, white with dark patches.  4yrs old. No collar. She is very timid. Photos taken while she was still young.  Not microchipped or spayed. … Read more >>

Lost Cat Lola (male) Lockwood Street area in Driffield reunited(Lost)

      Lola has returned after being missing for 2 days.     Lola is missing from his home in the Lockwood Street area in Driffield, since the early… Read more >>

Lost Cat Charley Wayne Rd Porlock Drive Bransholme Hull HU7(Lost)

      Our much loved Bengal cat Charley got out Friday evening 25th May as hasn't come home. We are so very worried.  Neutered male, brown with black spots… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sueboo Chanterlands Avenue HU5 3SY(Lost)

      Lost Cat black and white   Not neutered or micro-chipped.  Chanterlands Avenue HU5 3SY 20th May 2018.    Please 07946092833.  Thanks Tara Read more >>

Lost Cat Tiger Botherey area HU4 7BT(Lost)

      Tiger is a tortoiseshell cat, was last seen Botherey area HU4 7BT tea time on Monday 21st May 2018. She usually come straight home, this is not… Read more >>

Found Cat Highgate Beverley Minster(Found)

      Cat found on Highgate near Beverley Minster.  Young male, white and tabby, very friendly, pink sparkly collar. Has not been neutered. Found on 19/05/18 but may have… Read more >>

Lost Cat Rosie Arcon Drive Anlaby High Road HU4 6AD(Lost)

      Lost tabby named Rosie, went missing Friday 18th of May outside her home on Arcon Drive Anlaby High Road HU4 6AD.  She is not a young cat… Read more >>

Lost Cat Simona Penwith Drive, HU10 6QW Anlaby(Lost)

      Lost cat Simona (Simi).  We have lost our beautiful Siamese Chocolate Point cat Simi.  She is 9 years old, has blue eyes, a beige/cream body, brown face,… Read more >>

Lost Dog Bessie Holderness Road(Lost)

      Hi, I have lost my white Cairn terrier called Bessie on the Holderness Road area of Hull  I am desperate.  Kind regards Jane   Requested further details Read more >>

Lost Cat Alfie Brandesburton YO25 8QF(Lost)

      MISSING Our fabulous cat ALFIE went missing on Sunday 29th April in the morning. ALFIE is a black cat with an amazing coat which on inspection is… Read more >>

Lost Cat Coltrane Spring Bank West Area HU31LA(Lost)

      Lost female cat, Coltrane, 3 years old.  Black and white with one black and one white front leg.  Neutered and microchipped but not wearing a collar.  Spring… Read more >>

Lost Cat Albus HU6 9PS(Lost)

      Lost Cat Albus, male, black with small white patch on chest.  Unsure if micro-chipped.  Address: 4 6th Avenue, Greenwood Avenue HU6 9PS.  Missing since the 5th May… Read more >>

Lost Cat Nala Kirk Ella HU10 7NB(Lost)

      Our cat Nala got out this morning. Brown, dark and light with ginger patches. She is 10 months old and has been in our back garden on… Read more >>

Lost Cat Princess junction of Welland Road and Wansbeck Road Longhill HU8 9TL area but may find her way back to HU9 5ST reunited(Lost)

      Hi just to let you know Princess is back home and safe. Thanks for your help.     Our cat Princess. Female cat. Last seen outside our… Read more >>

Lost Cat Buddy St Leonards Road Molescroft reunited(Lost)

      Buddy is is now safely home (albeit a little lighter and with a few scratches).  Thank you Kerri     Hello, Buddy has been missing since Sunday… Read more >>

Lost Cat Topcat Clarendon Street HU3 1AT.(Lost)

      Topcat is missing, he is male roughly 10 months old, not chipped and isn't wearing his collar he keeps pulling it off.  He is all black.  Went… Read more >>

Lost Cat Millie Ceylon Street HU9(Lost)

      Her name is Mille and she is missing:     3 years old, black and white with white line down her nose.  Front paws – 1 black… Read more >>

Lost Kitten Cosmo Dearne Court Brough HU15 1GL reunited(Lost)

      Hello, he’s been found!! Under next doors shed, he was scared to death but ran for cuddles the moment we got him home. Thank you so much… Read more >>

Lost Cat Phantom Southcoates Avenue East Hull HU9 3HA reunited(Lost)

      Found!!!! Thanks for the support     Our dear family male cat Phantom went missing Saturday night 14.04.2018 from Southcoates Avenue East Hull HU9 3HA .  8… Read more >>

Lost Cat Shadow Welwyn Park Avenue/ Sutton Road area of Beverly Road HU6 7DQ(Lost)

      Our cat Shadow went missing of Friday 6th April in the Welwyn Park Avenue/ Sutton Road area of Beverly Road. He is a two year old male,… Read more >>

Lost cat Marlin Palmer Avenue Kingston Road Willerby HU10 6LJ Willerby HU10 6LJ reunited(Lost)

      Hi, fantastic news Marlin has come home after been missing for 2 weeks, very happy! Many thanks     Lost cat Marlin Willerby HU10 6LJ.  Marlin, 9… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bailey Westfield Road area of Molescroft Beverley HU17 7HQ reunited(Lost)

      Hi, great news-Bailey has just come home ;-) Many thanks, Mrs Abel     Bailey is a 1 year-old male Bengal cat and has been missing since… Read more >>

Lost Cat Toast Greygarth Close, North Bransholme, HU75AP reunited(Lost)

        Hey my cat returned this morning think she’s been in someone’s shed. She smells fusty. but she’s fairly clean. Poor thing is starving too. Thank you… Read more >>

Lost Cat Delila Kingswood area HU7 3DW reunited(Lost)

      She is home safe and well. Thank you for your assistance. Kind regards, Emma     My cat has been missing for a couple of days her… Read more >>

Lost Cat Theo Willerby Area reunited(Lost)

      Hello....We were delighted this morning (26th April) at 6.15am when Theo returned home ... big smiles all round ....     Hi, Theo has been missing from… Read more >>

Lost Cat Marley Westerdale Grove Southcoates Lane Hull HU9 3UJ(Lost)

      Hi, my family and I have lost our cat. Her name is Marley. She's 1 1/2 years, female and has been neutered and micro-chipped. She's white with… Read more >>

Lost Cat Arlo Rensburg Street off Newbridge Road HU9 2NN(Lost)

    My cat Arlo has gone missing he is 10 months old (Tabby).  He is chipped but does not have a collar on. We have recently moved to Woodland… Read more >>

Found Cat Kirk Ella West Ella Road, Kirk Ella, Hull.(Found)

      Hello, we are still trying to find this cat’s owners. If you can help us in any way that would be much appreciated.  Female, tabby and white… Read more >>

Lost Puppy Jack Withernsea(Lost)

      I have lost my puppy he is called Jack 13 weeks old all I know is that a woman called Gillan has got him who lives in… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tabitha Eastfield Road HU4 6DU(Lost)

      Tabitha is missing and she is 20 years old. Despite being fluffy she’s actually a skinny Minnie! She is not chipped but has been neutered. It will… Read more >>

Lost Cat Rusty Welwyn Park area of Hull HU6 7DW(Lost)

      His name is Rusty and he is lost, he is ginger with a few bits of white. He has a white L on his nose, a circle… Read more >>

Lost Cat Leo Skirlaugh HU11 5AG reunited(Lost)

      1st september 2018 Just to let you know Leo has now been found safe and well and is happily reunited with his mum. He had wandered miles… Read more >>

Lost Cat Magnus Bricknall Avenue/Chanterlands Avenue areaHU5 4EA reunited(Lost)

      Hello, thanks to your wonderful posting on your website, a lady reconised Magnus and he is now safely home as of this morning. Thank you for all… Read more >>

Lost Cat Treacle Beverley Road Hessle Hull HU13(Lost)

      Small chipped female torti cat, neutered, distinct bend in tip of tail, reward, contact Les 07399392606 (see poster) Read more >>

Lost Cat Barney Pulman Street/Spring Bank West/HU3 area(Lost)

      Barney the cat is missing.  He is a neutered male. We don't know whether he is micro-chipped as he was a stray that had been living in… Read more >>

Lost Cat Shaq Rosmead Street, Hull reunited(Lost)

      Just to update you that my cat Big Shaq is now home and safe, thank you so much for putting up the post.  Thanks Shelby    … Read more >>

Lost Cat Demon 30th Ave Ellerburn Ave area HU6 reunited(Lost)

     Demon has been found. Hi my cat hasn't been seen since Thursday 18th Jan he is a large black cat not neutered or chipped. Very friendly and vocal… Read more >>

Lost Cat Loki last seen in backyards between Anlaby Rd, Boulevard, and Malm St, HU3(Lost)

      Hello! Loki is a young (2-3 years), very friendly and easy going male cat, at least when feeling safe. He is mostly black, with white paws, chest… Read more >>

Lost Cat Betty Marlborough Ave HU5 reunited(Lost)

      Hello, I am delighted to say Betty our black cat has been found. She appeared to have been locked in somewhere. She is now at the vets… Read more >>

Lost Cat Millie(Lost)

      Hi, Millie is missing. Description: Tortoiseshell breed, 6 years of age, female, neutered and microchipped. Lost around Western Gailes Way, Hull, HU8 9EF. Last seen 31st December… Read more >>

Found Cat Coltman St / Anlaby Rd area HU3(Found)

      Found, Coltman St / Anlaby Rd area (HU3), very friendly adult male cat, all black but not neutered. His nose is quite pointy. Has been around a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Oreo Anlaby HU10 6TA (near Morrisons) reunited(Lost)

      He's been found :) a lady messaged me saying an identical at had been seen in her garden on Moorhouse Road and it was him :) x… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lola Beck Road, Everthorpe HU15 2JH reunited(Lost)

      Here's hope for all missing cats     Hi, thank you so much for putting Lola on your lost and found website.  I just thought I would… Read more >>

Found Cat Beverley, Hull near Swinemoor school(Found)

      Found this cat at 10 pm Monday 18/12/17. Doesn’t have a collar. Found in Beverley, Hull near Swinemoor school. My contact number is 07891282261(Matt) or if no… Read more >>

Un named Lost cat De la Pole Av Spring Bank end. HU3 6RU(Lost)

      Posting for a neighbour so don't know his name, age or whether he's microchipped. Neutered male cat, black and white and missing his left eye. Very friendly… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tara Dale Road, Granary Court area Elloughton(Lost)

      Missing Small Tabby.  Last seen on Wednesday 29th November, Dale Road / Granary Court area of Elloughton.  Tara is a timid but affectionate 13yr old female cat. … Read more >>

Lost Cat Billy Main Street Ellerker HU15 2DH reunited(Lost)

      I'm delighted to confirm that Billy returned home on 01.12.17. Very dirty and smelling heavily of diesel, but otherwise unscathed. I'm incredibly relieved that we have been… Read more >>

Lost Cat Cookie Everthorpe Brough HU15 2JH(Lost)

      Cookie is missing, he is 1 year old, a domestic short hair tabby (tiger stripe markings), he has white paws and white chin & white chest. He… Read more >>

Lost Cat Skye Holme on Spalding Moor village on Spen Lane YO43 4AQ(Lost)

      Hi, we have lost our black cat named Skye, she has been missing since Thursday morning (23rd November). She is neutered and micro-chipped. She is black with… Read more >>

Lost Dog Naia Riverside HU2 9JR(Lost)

      NAIA is missing.  She is 2/3 years old.  Black with hints of copper with white under belly and neck and white paws with a white line down… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tabitha Northfield Close area of South Cave HU15 2EW reunited(Lost)

      Hi just to let you know that I’ve found Tabitha she had been locked in a garage for a week I went across the fields shouting this… Read more >>

Lost Cat Kato Thoresby Street HU5 3RA backing on to Welbeck Street and Princes Avenue(Lost)

      Mosscato (Kato) is an 18 month old male cat , last seen Friday evening 17th November on Thoresby Street, HU5 3RA, backing on to Welbeck Street and… Read more >>

Found Cat Kirkella/Willerby area(Found)

      A cat was seen being hit by a car and it's run off, this person called the RSPCA and they have attended but the cat is so… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tommy-Lee North Bransholme Hull HU7 5BY(Lost)

      Missing cat Tommy-Lee.  North Bransholme Hull HU7 5BY.   Black and white male cat age 6 no chip.  Has been missing couple of months now but someone must… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lucky Etton Road Cherry Burton(Lost)

      Lucky went missing from Etton Road Cherry Burton last Friday 10th, she's all ginger, quite stocky, no white on her at all and two years old, no… Read more >>

Lost Cat Oscar Rowley Road area of Little Weighton HU20 3XL.(Lost)

      Our beautiful boy Oscar has been missing since 11/11/17 from the Rowley Road area of Little Weighton HU20 3XL. He is 17 months old, tabby and white… Read more >>

Found Cat The Lawns Cottingham HU16(Found)

      6 months old, male, no microchip, white belly, brown tabby patches on the back, yellow-greeny eyes (mostly yellow),  medium/long coat, fluffy tail. very friendly, seems to hate… Read more >>

Lost Cat Saffy Chants Ave (Warneford Gardens) or Welbeck Street (Princes Ave) reunited(Lost)

      1st Nov. Good morning, just wanted to let you know that thankfully saffy is back home, after another search last night we found her stuck in a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Boothferry Road area of Hessle(Lost)

      Hi my daughter is missing her ginger/white female cat around 11 months old, missing since Wed around Boothferry Road area of Hessle. Please contact 07885576472, thank you. … Read more >>

Lost Dog Alfie HU10 7DG Anlaby reunited(Lost)

      Alfie has now beeen found thank you for posting.     Our dog Alfie has just gone missing from HU10 7DG, Anlaby. He is all white, very… Read more >>

Lost Dog Eppleworth HU16 5YJ reunited(Lost)

        23rd October.  Our dog Pip house been found and is now safely home. Many Thanks     Our Cocker Spaniel has gone missing, her name is… Read more >>

Lost Cat Max area of the old cemetery Spring Bank West(Lost)

      Our white and black cat, Max, went missing on Monday 16th October at about 6.30pm in the area of the old cemetery on Spring Bank West. He… Read more >>

Lost Cat Derek Dukeries area, in particular Thoresby Street Hull reunited(Lost)

        He's found! Was taken in my another family. Thanks!!   Hi, Derek has been missing since 9.30pm on Tuesday 17th October. He is approximately 1 year… Read more >>

Lost Cat Gizmo Victoria Dock HU10(Lost)

      Gizmo has been missing since 6:30am on Wednesday 18th October 2017. He is only 8 months old, has a bushy tail and tabby markings, he's fearless energetic,… Read more >>

Found Cat Boothferry Road Hessle(Found)

      Found, a large white male cat on Boothferry road Hessle . Been in the garden last few weeks - white with black tail and markings - domestic… Read more >>

Lost Cat Libby Newstead Street Chanterlands Avenue HU5 3NF reunited(Lost)

      She is home. Thank you :)     Lost cat Libby, female Grey and White tux – 3 years 8 months old approx but she is quite… Read more >>

Found Cat Newland Avenue reunited(Found)

      Had the cat scanned and we found the owner. Thanks for the advice.     Newland Ave area. A few small scrapes and a bit dirty. Pink… Read more >>

Lost Cat Candy Cottingham HU16 5AB(Lost)

      Missing female family cat called Candy, she is very frail & old (14 years old) but very friendly.  She is black & white long haired, without a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Louis Hessle(Lost)

      Sadly Louis has been found. He may have been knocked down and laid under a parked car and died.  Thank you again, Kind Regards, Lynda   Our… Read more >>

Lost Cat Humphrey Broomfleet reunited(Lost)

      Hi, thank you for the advice. He has been found in a greenhouse! He has had some kind of fight and has been treated at our vets.… Read more >>

Lost Cat Marley Scampton Garth Noddle Hill Way, Bransholme(Lost)

      Marley aged 2 1/2 tabby short hair male last seen Saturday 23/09/2017 Scampton Garth Noddle Hill Way, Bransholme not neutered and no collar due to using snap… Read more >>

Found Cat Beverley Road, Kirk Ella (HU10)(Found)

      Last night 30/09/2017 this tortoiseshell patchwork of a cat came to our backdoor in the Beverley Road, Kirk Ella (HU10).  Very friendly and talkative. Sex and microchip… Read more >>

Lost Cat Teddy Beverley Flemingate Court off Flemingate HU17 0SZ reunited(Lost)

    Teddy has returned! He must have gone for a long wander and decided to come back when it rained! Thank you so much for all your help. Best… Read more >>

Lost Cat Leo Driffield area YO25 9XL(Lost)

      Leo, primarily black male with a few small white hairs on his chest and tummy also, has a split in the end of his tongue.  Not neutered… Read more >>

Lost Cat Emily Victor Street area HU9 2BQ reunited(Lost)

      Found now....thanks was hiding under neighbours rubble     Hi my 7month girl cat Emily has got out Victor Street area. HU9 2BQ. She has never been… Read more >>

Lost Cat Suki Willerby area HU10(Lost)

      Lost Cat, Suki aged 2 grey/black tabby missing since 25th August from HU10 Willerby area. Contact Victoria 0778 7583 826 thanks, Victoria Read more >>

Lost Cat Dex Willerby Road HU5 5JT(Lost)

      Dex, a tom cat, is missing.  He is a male long haired tortoiseshell cat that is brown / cream in colour with a distinctive bushy tail like… Read more >>

Lost Cat Simba Dunswell Lane near Swift Caravans, Cottingham HU16(Lost)

      My cat is missing, his name is Simba, black short haired male with long tail 5 years old Neutered but not microchipped.  Date lost 26th August 2017. … Read more >>

Lost Cat Willow Anlaby Common area HU4 7RR reunited(Lost)

      Willow turned up today (5th September) very hungry but safe and sound         WILLOW, WHITE & GREY TABBY - Female Cat Age 13, Neutered… Read more >>

Lost Cat Minnie Castle Drive South Cave reunited(Lost)

        I'm very pleased to tell you Minnie has come home. She has no doubt been in someone's shed or garage while they have been away for… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jimmy Dorchester Road Bransholme HU7 6AN.(Lost)

      Lost cat Jim or Jimmy answers to both. Went missing today 23 of August on Dorchester Road Bransholme HU7 6AN.   Has a dickie bow tie collar (polka… Read more >>

Found Cat Dunswell HU6 0AS reunited(Found)

    Happily the cat was identified and has been sorted out.     We have had this cat living in our garden in Dunswell, HU6 0AS, for several weeks… Read more >>

Lost Rabbit Hop Bricknell/Ancaster Avenue(Lost)

      Hi, we have lost our daughters White Lop rabbit sometime last night and was hoping/wondering if anyone has found her, she is microchipped  Her name is HOP. … Read more >>

Lost Cat Millie North Ferriby HU14 3EX(Lost)

      Missing cat. Millie from HU14 3EX North Ferriby Millie is two years old and a beautiful Rag Doll. She went missing Tuesday tea time 1st August, she… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sweet Pea Newbridge Road HU9 2LS near Hair Boutique Hairdressers and the old Post Office(Lost)

      My cat has sadly been missing since 10pm Sunday night (30th July). From Newbridge Road HU9 2LS (near Hair Boutique Hairdressers and the old Post Office). Usually… Read more >>

Lost Cat Dipstick Newlyn Close on Bransholme HU7 4PH(Lost)

      Hi, I lost my cat on Saturday 29/07/2017 my cat is female, 2 years old she is all white with a black tail and was wearing a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jessie Kingswood area HU7 3GP reunited(Lost)

      Hi, Jessie has returned safe and sound. Was trapped in a shed further round on kingswood. Thank you for your help. Very relieved cat owner X  … Read more >>

Lost Cat Tekapo Victoria Dock but may have jumped into builders van(Lost)

      Tekapo is a small female cat black with white smudge on her chest. She is approx. 9 years old. She doesn't wear a collar, but is micro-chipped… Read more >>

Lost Cat Marley Brindley Street, runs through to Holderness Road and Southcoates Lane reunited(Lost)

  Marleys home :) very skinny and feeling sorry for him self, maybe he's been stuck in a shed or garage but he's stuffing his face and sleeping with his… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bruce Elder Avenue on Abbey Street(Lost)

      My cat, Bruce, went missing from Elder Avenue on Abbey Street on the 25th of July, he's jet black except for a small white tuft on his… Read more >>

Lost Cat Oliver Folkestone Street (HU5 1BP)(Lost)

      Lost cat Oliver but you can call him Oli. 1 and ½ year old male, neutered and chipped. White and black with black nose, black mark on… Read more >>

Lost Tortoise Savery Street Hull(Lost)

      Hi we live down Savery Streetin Hull and we have lost a Horsefield tortoise. He's roughly a year old so if anyone has found him please can… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jasmine Anlaby Road Parkfield Drive area HU3 area reunited(Lost)

    Hi thanks for all your help. We found her 24 hours after going missing. X      Her name is Jasmine.. She is a 3 year old marble… Read more >>

Lost Cat Fellow Princes Avenue area (HU5 ) reunited(Lost)

  Fellow has been returned! Thank you for your help,Natalie     Fellow the cat hasn't been seen since late Saturday night 15/07/17 Princes Avenue area (HU5 ).  He is… Read more >>

Lost Cat Wobble HU7 6BE, Bransholme area(Lost)

      My cat Wobble is about a year and a month old, black domestic shorthair, with a slant on one side of his head and shoulder, he went… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sirius Garrowby Walk west Hull (Hotham Road South, Cottingham)(Lost)

      Sirius has been missing since Sunday 16/7/17 he is a black and white short haired male cat he is 3 years old and he is neutered and… Read more >>

Lost Cat Mini North Drive Swanland HU14 3QU reunited(Lost)

        Good News! Mini has returned home. She was away for a week but is now back home.  Ginny     Lost Cat Mini, black with white… Read more >>

Lost Cat Reggie Willowdale – Sutton Park, HU7 6DW.(Lost)

      Name: Reggie, large ginger and white fluffy long-haired cat, bright green eyes, 2 years old. Not to be mistaken for his brother, Ronnie, who is fully ginger,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Taylor Orchard Park, HU6 9TP reunited(Lost)

        Taylor has been found by a neighbour This is Taylor, 1 year old. He is male and he has a blue collar with a white chip… Read more >>

Found Cat Ennerdale Sutton Park Hull(Found)

      Hi, I have a cat that I've been feeding since 18th June. He followed me and my son home from school. He has an old flea collar… Read more >>

Lost Cat Peanut Swanage Walk, Off Gower Road, Boothferry Estate, HU4 reunited(Lost)

      He's now been found smelling of petrol but happy and well. Probably locked in someone's garage. Thank you for helping :) x     Name: Peanut Grey… Read more >>

Lost Dog Dylan Woodgates Mount, North Ferriby, East Yorks HU14 3JQ(Lost)

      I would be grateful if you could post the following details on your lost/found page please: Name: Dylan Details: Male Lhasa Apso dog approximately 6 years old… Read more >>

Lost Cat Poppy Manor Road/Close area Beverley reunited(Lost)

        Hi we just had some great news Poppy turned up this morning a bit thinner but in good health. Thank you very much for your help.… Read more >>

Lost Cat Marley Great Field Falkland Road area reunited(Lost)

        Marley is now back home. Thank you for posting about him     Marley has not been seen since 6.30am 17th June. He is 11 months… Read more >>

Lost Cat Belle Priory Road (Ledbury Road) area of Hull HU5 5SN reunited(Lost)

      Hello my cat has come home thank you for your help x     Belle. 3 years old. Long haired. Brown/ginger fur. Not chipped. Neutered. Missing since… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bluebell Prince Street HU1 2LJ or Beverley Road, HU5 1LX(Lost)

      Bluebell is approximately 5-6 years old, she is a black & white cat. Her back, ears, top of head, nose, chin & tail are black. She also… Read more >>

Lost Cat Smudge Buccaneer Way Brough HU15 1EW reunited(Lost)

      Happy to say that we have now found Smudge who is currently locked in the house waiting to go the vets tomorrow.  With very many thanks for… Read more >>

Lost Cat Mog Brodsworth Street HU8 7SP(Lost)

      May I ask you to please post my cat’s details on your website, as she is missing.  Her Chip lists her as Dinah, but for the past… Read more >>

Found Cat Hessle reunited(Found)

        We found his home close by. Thank you   Male tabby/Maine coon cat. Hessle area. Please contact 07527417494 Read more >>

Lost Cat Elphie Wharncliffe Street HU5 3NA(Lost)

      ELPHIE is missing.  5 year old female tabby wearing an orange dimonte collar with 'Elphie' and my contact number on.  She is microchipped.  Missing from Wharncliffe St,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Mabel Cottingham Northgate/Cross Keys Pub/King George playing field reunited(Lost)

      Thank you so much, that's much appreciated but fortunately Mabel was found late last night after much searching!! She was trapped in a garage on a building… Read more >>

Lost Cat Oscar Mappleton Grove Preston Road HU9(Lost)

      Oscar has been missing since 1st May, teatime. He is chipped but we moved since it was done, my mobile is 0795514913. We move tomorrow and we… Read more >>

Lost Cat Patch Sunny Bank HU3/may have jumped into a van?(Lost)

      Patch is missing from HU3 Sunny Bank since 2/5/17. White with black patches. No collar. Very trim cat 4 years old. Chipped and neutered. Very friendly I… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bob Main Street, Elloughton. Hu15(Lost)

      Our cat Bob is missing.  He is a male cat, neutered but does not have a microchip. He has no collar as he removes them.  He is… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jimmy Priory Road to Wold Road area HU5 5QX(Lost)

      MISSING CAT Jimmy - black and white, male, 9 yrs old, neutered, microchipped but no collar. Missing from HU5 5QX, Priory Road to Wold Road area, since… Read more >>

Lost Cat Albert John Gray Court Willerby/Carr Lane(Lost)

      Lost cat - Albert. Strayed from John Gray Court, Willerby, after recently moving in. Ginger and white with red collar. May have tried to return to Carr… Read more >>

Found Cat De La Pole Avenue, Hull HU3 6RB(Found)

    We have a cat that has been hanging around in the garden for a number of weeks. It is a small cat. The cat is approachable and friendly.… Read more >>

Lost Cat Monty Leven reunited(Lost)

      Monty is back home. He was in a neighbour's outbuilding! Many thanks for your efforts.     Monty has been missing since Monday 10 April from Leven. … Read more >>

Lost Cat Ben Thorngumbald HU12/HU7 Castle Grange reunited(Lost)

      He's home thank you, Jenni     Missing cat called Ben, male 9 month old black and white cat, with half a moustache, very friendly and loving… Read more >>

Found Cat Willerby(Found)

      This cat was found just recently in the Willerby area, if it could be yours please ring our centre direct on 01430 423986 thank you. Read more >>

Lost Cat Twinkle Priory Road(Lost)

      Twinkle has been missing 9th April, she's only 11 months old she had a gold collar with dimantes on.  Went missing Priory Road area last sighting was… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sebastian(Lost)

      My cat is missing he has been missing since Monday 3rd April, he also went off a couple of weeks ago but came back. He is a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Molly Essex Street Gipsyville Hull HU4 6PR reunited(Lost)

    Hi Guys, Molly returned home this morning at 4am safe and sound! No idea where she has been but she is safe and home which is all that… Read more >>

Lost Cats Scarlett and Luna Anlaby around Grimston Road but the previous property was Albert Avenue on Boulevard(Lost)

      Hi, during a house move our cats managed to escape from the new property. They are called Scarlett and Luna.     Luna is a pure black… Read more >>

Lost Parrot (African Grey) Weighton Grove Hull HU6 8NE reunited(Lost)

          Hi I am now reunited with Cyril he was found today in Brandsburton 13/14 miles away from our home.  He had taken home in a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Gizzy Roselyn Road HU4 reunited(Lost)

      Thank you she has been found      Gizzy, 2 years old long hair black and white, little black mark on chin.  Neutered and chipped.  Went missing… Read more >>

Lost Cat Charlie Manor Road HU5 5PB(Lost)

      Hi I wonder if you could put my lost cat on your site. His name is Charlie. He is a black and white moggie with a thin… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sebastian Cherry Avenue Hessle reunited(Lost)

      He's just come home about half an hour ago (20.03.17) he's absolutely fine I on the other hand have aged several years from the upset but the… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jerry Brickell Avenue area near Appleton Primary School(Lost)

      Please help me find my cat.  Jerry is a 3/4 year old main coon microchipped to my old address (same area) and neutered. He's very friendly indoor… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sunni from 18th Avenue HU6 reunited(Lost)

  To update you, Sunni returned home this morning 29th March after being missing 2weeks. He was very hungry and is now sleeping, all cosy. thank you for all your… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bob North Ferriby New Walk/Church Road area HU14 3AJ reunited(Lost)

  It's was great joy I get to write this email as Bob came home lastnight. Thanks for your help with your site     Please help me to find… Read more >>

Lost Cat Gavin Wold Road/Hotham Road South HU5 reunited(Lost)

          Gavin came home this morning looking weller than I expected and very smug with himself. he is grounded haha and I'm going to put a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Shadow HU4 6DR, Belgrave Drive(Lost)

        Shadow is lost.  Large, black long haired female cat. Ginger/brown parts on her fur. Green eyes. She has been microchipped. She had a pink collar on… Read more >>

Lost Cat Patrick Ferriby Road area of Hessle.(Lost)

      My ten month old male cat, Patrick, is missing in the Ferriby Road area of Hessle.  He is a small cat, very friendly and is happy to… Read more >>

Lost Dog Maddie railway tracks Market Weighton area(Lost)

      We have lost Maddie in the Market Weighton area Thursday afternoon (9th) last seen around 3pm on the railway tracks. She is a blonde/tan mixed terrier with… Read more >>

Lost Cat Boots Tweendykes Road Sutton HU7 4XG(Lost)

      Boots is missing He is around 5 years old, is a male, he has a nick on his left ear and black dots on his nose, he… Read more >>

Found Cat De La Pole Avenue, HU3 6RB(Found)

      We have had this cat hanging around in our garden for 3 weeks or so.  It looks well fed, healthy and is bold and used to people. … Read more >>

Lost Cat Tiger Bilton HU11 4EJ(Lost)

      Lost female cat called Tiger  Bilton HU11 4EJ area, 17 years old, little bit ferel.  Last seen Friday 17th February.  A scar under the right of the… Read more >>

Lost Cat Kitkat Thorpe HU6 area(Lost)

      Kitkat is the cats name he is black and white he is male gone missing from home Thorpe HU6 area on Wednesday the 15th of Febuary he… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tuppence Sutton Road/Welwyn Ave HU6 7DP area reunited(Lost)

      Hi Tuppence was found at 1.40 am this morning not too far away from home, we did everything you suggested in your message but by pure perseverance… Read more >>

Lost Cat Maple Avenue Willerby reunited(Lost)

          Came home on her own last night  8th Feb - excellent news!     Missing from Maple Avenue Willerby since 5th Feb 2017. British Shorthaired… Read more >>

Found Cat Royal Charter Pub, Westerngails Way HU8 9EQ(Found)

      Not sure if lost as its being staying at our pub for the past 2 weeks in the smoke shelter, black, belived to be female with small… Read more >>

Lost Cat Charlie Askew Avenue HU4(Lost)

    This is Charlie a male cat, he's grey with white paws and white bib and nose he's not chipped and won't keep collar on been missing since Sunday… Read more >>

Lost Labrador Hugo Camarthen SA31(Lost)

  Direct contact number 01267 236240 or 0787 210 7568     Read more >>

Lost Cat Stanbury Road, off Beverley High Road reunited(Lost)

      Cat has now been found.  15th Jan.   Thanks for your help      Cat missing from Stanbury Road, off Beverley High Rd. Small, Black and white, female… Read more >>

Lost Cat Coucou Westgarth Avenue in Hull(Lost)

      Hi Coucou has gone missing for already a week from a house in Westgarth Avenue in Hull. She has a microchip in between her shoulder, she is… Read more >>

Found Cat Newland Avenue/De Grey Street HU5(Found)

      Hi,  we found a small female black cat around Newland Avenue/De Grey Street (HU5) on Tuesday at about 8pm. She has no collar on. She also has… Read more >>

Lost Cat Biscuit Blenheim Street Princes Ave HU5 3PR(Lost)

      Hi, my cat went out on Friday 30th December and hasn’t come back, usually she only goes out for 5 minutes. Her name is Biscuit, she’s a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Valee Sutton Village area of Hull HU7 4UP reunited(Lost)

      Hi, I'm very happy to tell you that Valee turned up this afternoon meowing very loudly at the back door.  She looked a bit bedraggled a bit… Read more >>

Lost Cat Mango North Bransholme HU7 5BY(Lost)

      Mango is a 2 year old entire tom cat and is completely black.  He was last seen on 20th December 2016.  He is very friendly and quite… Read more >>

Found Cat Greenwood Ave HU6 9RY Hull(Found)

      Hi my name is Vicky I live in Greenwood Ave HU6 9RY Hull they has been a cat for two/three weeks in my garden.  He/she is very… Read more >>

Lost Cat Rex Ings Road area Mitcham Road HU8 0RL(Lost)

      Lost,  large black cat Rex, neutered male, touch of white on chest, went missing in Ings Road area Mitcham Road if seen please call 07552902602 Read more >>

Lost Cat Max Alliance Avenue area HU3 6QX but could be also be HU3 6RH De La Pole Avenue as their back gardens back on to ours.(Lost)

      My beloved cat has gone missing, His name is Max, black and white with green eyes. He is quite a small , timid cat and is 6… Read more >>

Lost Cat Ringo Newstead Street HU5 3NG(Lost)

      Lost cat , his name is Ringo and he is a blue Cornish Rex . He is chipped and neutered and went missing around midnight on Sunday… Read more >>

Lost Cat Kitty Court Park Road area Orchard Park(Lost)

      Kitty has been missing since Wednesday 16th November at around 7pm, she is a petite tabby around 2 years old and is chipped and neutered, she has… Read more >>

Lost Cat Felix Hessle(Lost)

      Please help us we lost our cat Felix in Hessle area two weeks ago he is microchipped and us a male 8 years old very friendly. Please… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lily Egton Street area HU8 7HX(Lost)

      My cat has been missing since 13th November, from Egton Street area (HU8 7HX). She is 8 years old and answers to the name Lily. Shes all… Read more >>

Lost Cat Edgecumbe Street Hull(Lost)

      Missing white & black female cat - small and friendly. Missing since 5 November. Please check sheds and outbuildings Edgecumbe Street Hull area.  Any information please ring… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bricknell Avenue area in Hull Cropton Road(Lost)

      Missing ginger/white female cat 5 years old. Lost from the Bricknell Avenue area in Hull. Went missing 4 November. The cat is ID chipped but to Latvia… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sox Marlborough Terrace(Lost)

      My cat Sox she has not been home since last Thursday 3rd Nov I live Marlborough Terrace and normally Sox has stayed between Marlborough Terrace back of… Read more >>

Lost Cat Charlie Wold Road – HU5 5NN reunited(Lost)

      Great news... Charlie is back home safe now :-)  These last 3 days have been awful but thankfully he is back home safe where he belongs. Thank… Read more >>

Lost Cat Luther Tranby Avenue Hessle HU13 0PZ(Lost)

      Hi, my cat has gone missing, Luther, has been missing since tea time on 4/11/16 from Tranby Avenue Hessle HU13 0PZ Hessle. He is a four year… Read more >>

Found Cat Sutton Park Hull(Found)

      We have a grey female cat that regularly passes through our garden and is in a bit of a state, I am really worried about the coming… Read more >>

Lost (Stolen) Cat Harry Malborough Avenue Hull(Lost)

      Hi please share. this is my Persian cat Harry he was stolen from Malborough Avenue in Hull on the 16th October. He is quite a thin cat… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bingley Waldegrave Avenue Holderness Road HU89BB(Lost)

      Missing: Bingley the Cat, all black male cat, he is quite large and very friendly he went missing probably 2 weeks ago now (about 5th October).  He… Read more >>

Lost Cat Odin Brandesburton YO25.(Lost)

      My cat is missing, his name is Odin, he is 6 months old and jet black. He has a slight tiger striped pattern on his back legs… Read more >>


      Hi this cat has appeared today in the field next to me, it looks like it has been tortured, I have been trying to get some down… Read more >>

Found Cat Bilton HU11(Found)

      Black domestic short haired cat found in Ark Royal Hull/Bilton (HU11) on 2nd October 2016. Sex: Unknown, young cat. Mainly/all Black. Features: Red and gold collar with… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tiger Pulman Street/Lowther Street/Walton Street areas West Hull HU3 6LN.(Lost)

      MISSING CAT: Male tabby cat named Tiger, is wearing gold glittery collar with bell 16 months old.  Neutered but not chipped.  Missing since 4th October from the… Read more >>

Lost Cat Cuddles Gillshill Road East Hull reunited(Lost)

        Thankyou so much for posting the ad on your site. After posting hundreds of flyers, putting up posters and spending hours walking the streets we found… Read more >>

Found Cat Sainsburys Bricknell Avenue Hull HU5 4QG(Found)

      This little female cat has been hanging around outside Sainsburys on Bricknell Avenue, Hull HU5 4QG for the last week.  When found it had a very tight… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jerry Lake Drive Holderness Road reunited(Lost)

      We're delighted and relieved to let you know he is found     This is my mum and dad's cat - they're on holiday abroad and I'm… Read more >>

Lost Cat Missy Kilnsea Road area east Hull HU9 3RD(Lost)

      Hi. My female cat Missy went missing on 29th August 2016. She is neutered and microchipped. She is black with slightly less fur around the front if… Read more >>

Found Cat Longhill area HU8 9NU(Found)

      Hi, we realised the cat was hanging around our garden about 2 weeks ago. In the past few days we have been able to befriend it to… Read more >>

Lost Rabbit Summergroves Way Hull(Lost)

      Lost Rabbit , escaped from Summergroves Way Hull , please contact 07768911732 Read more >>

Lost Cat DJ Endyke Lane reunited(Lost)

        I am pleased to tell you that my Cat DJ is home. He was found Sunday morning by a neighbour and although he was injured he… Read more >>

Lost Cat Annie North Hull Estate, HU6 8HL reunited(Lost)

      Thanks for your help. Annie returned home last night. Annie is a tabby and was last seen on 16/09/16 on North Hull Estate, HU6 8HL wearing a… Read more >>

Lost Ferret HU13 reunited(Lost)

    Ferret found now. Thank you for advertising and helping     Hi I've lost a ferret around Hull, Hessle HU13 area he's only 3 months old and escaped… Read more >>

Lost Cat Ernie Calvert Road/County Road South Allotment area(Lost)

      Lost Cat Ernie, male, neutered and chipped, has distinctive white patch on tip of tail, Calvert Road/County Road South Allotment area, last seen 5th September. Please ring… Read more >>

Lost Cats Kirk Ella(Lost)

      Both my cats have gone missing from Beverley Road, Kirk Ella since Saturday 10th September. Please look in outbuildings.  If seen please contact 01482 654709. Read more >>

Lost Cat Jasper Cheyne Walk Hornsea Reunited(Lost)

      Hi thanks for that. As luck would have it he just walked back in this morning and meowed until we fed him a lot so all is… Read more >>

Lost Cat CC Bricknell Avenue(Lost)

      My name is Scot and I live near Bricknell Avenue. Four nights ago (09/09/16) my cat, CC, didn't return home. This is unlike her. She is over… Read more >>

Lost Ferret Dookie Bear Willerby HU6 reunited(Lost)

      Hello,we have Dookie back a friend saw post and he was under her mum's shed. So he has had a bath and is currently curled up on… Read more >>

Lost Bird Kiwi Elgar Road HU4 7NX(Lost)

      Lost Indian Ringneck parrot , Costello, 23 August 2016. 4 month old Kiwi is green and has a ring on feet numbered 1. Contact 01482 562793 Read more >>

Found Cat Boothferry Road Hessle(Found)

      Hi I have found a ginger young cat without a collar on Boothferry Road Hessle it's been hanging around our garden for a few days it seems… Read more >>

Found Cat Ennerdale Sutton Park HU7(Found)

      Found cat. Long haired black and white cat found Ennerdale, Sutton Park Hull HU7 Found 17/08/16 Very friendly cat. Not yet checked for microchip. Seems looked after,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Elza Gower Rd area Boothferry Estate HU4 7LL reunited(Lost)

    Hello my kitty is found she came back by herself      Hello we lóst our kitten 4 month girl Elza kids missing her she go out yesterday… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lottie North Ferriby HU14 3AU(Lost)

        Our small female tabby cat Lottie , with a yellow collar, has gone missing from our home address in North Ferriby. She is 7 years old… Read more >>

Found Cat, could this be Dickens reunited(Lost)

          Sadly this turned out not to be Dickens but the cat was chipped and has been re-united with owner, the cat had been missing for… Read more >>

Lost Cat Raj Blenheim Street HU5 3PR reunited(Lost)

      Hello again, my cat Raj from Blenheim Street is now found! Thanks for your help     Hello, my cat Raj is missing from Blenheim Street, he… Read more >>

Lost Cat Oscar Melton Bottom, Melton, North ferriby HU14 3HU(Lost)

      Oscar is a 5 year old male, he is a large full black moggy with small white tufts at the end of his tail, he has a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Rusty Beverley Road, Epworth Street (near Tesco express) reunited(Lost)

      Dear HAW Team, I have fantastic news, our cat was found by my sister in law not to far away from the house (the area I have… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bailey Richmond Fields, Kingswood Hull HU7 3FB(Lost)

      Bailey, Siamese seal point, 6 year old Male.  Went missing on Thursday 28th July, from Richmond Fields, Kingswood Hull HU7 3FB, he may return to his previous… Read more >>

Lost Cat Binks Seafield Avenue off the Broadway, Holderness Road, East Hull reunited(Lost)

    Back safe and sound, locked in a neighbours garage, we did a leaflet drop asking for neighbours to check.  Thank you for your help  Steve   Binks, black… Read more >>

Lost Cat Czesio Louis Street/Spring Bank(Lost)

      Lost cat named Czesio, 5 month old boy, white-gray, missing in Louis Street/Spring Bank HU 1LY since 24.07.16.  Please contact 07887494645   Read more >>

Found Cat North Bransholm(Found)

      Black and white female about 7 months old North Bransholm,  tel 074 272 723 55 Read more >>

Lost Cat Archie Perth Street – HU5 3NP.(Lost)

      Hi there, our lovely boy Archie has been missing since 21st July, 7pm 😥 He's a chocolate point Siamese, is neutered but not yet chipped and is… Read more >>

Lost Cat Henry Belvoir Street, HU5 3LR reunited(Lost)

      Hi, Henry came home this evening! He was a little hungry, but otherwise doesn't seem to have been fazed by his 2 days away. Thank you very… Read more >>

Found Cat (awaiting area)(Found)

      Hi I think this cat is lost or a stray. She's coming round regularly for breakfast & tea but I can't let her in as my cat… Read more >>

Lost Cat Ron Welbeck Street area of Princes Avenue HU5 3SG.(Lost)

      This is Ron. He is a large, neutered, adult, very friendly, tabby cat. Thought to be around 6 or 7 years old. He didn't have his collar… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jeff Anlaby Road West Park area HU3 6AG(Lost)

      Hi my cat's been missing since Saturday 9th July he's called Jeff.  He's 1, microchipped and neutered he's ginger.  He's from Anlaby Road West Park area HU3… Read more >>

Found Cat Wellesley Avenue(Found)

      This lovely fluffy black female cat with white patch on chest and white tip on tale has been with up for three weeks.  Wellesley Ave Hull.  Contact… Read more >>

Found Cat Boothferry Road Hessle Reunited(Found)

        Just to let you know that I have found the owner this morning, and she's only had him a few weeks (from a cat re-homing shelter),… Read more >>

Lost Cat Rosie Howdale Road, Swainby Close, HU8 9TU(Lost)

      Hi my cat Rosie is missing since the 23rd June, she is an indoor cat due to being very timid and has only been in the garden… Read more >>

Lost Cat Harry Hardy Street off Newland Av in the HU5 area(Lost)

This is Harry, he is all black with a very faint white patch on his chest. Please can you help us find him. He is loved very much. His brother… Read more >>

Lost Cat Polly Etherington Drive HU6 7JT reunited(Lost)

      Hi, I'm writing to let you know that our cat Polly has been found and it was through your website we were reunited. She was found on… Read more >>

Lost Cat Alfie Holderness High Road area HU8 9BT.but chipped at old address HU3 6TR(Lost)

      Missing black and white short haired ALFIE 12yrs old since 23/ 5/16 missing from Holderness High Road area HU8 9BT.but chipped at old address HU3 6TR .Alfie… Read more >>

Found Cat HU3 6BU Plane Street/St Georges Road Hull(Found)

          Have found a very shy black and white cat wearing a dark collar. He/she comes into our house and calls out as if to his… Read more >>

Lost Cat Milo Anlaby Road/Calvert Road Area HU3 6XD reunited(Lost)

      Thank you for your help, he has now been found safe and well in our area, thank you for your time Alice     My kitten is… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jack Conway Close HU3 3NR reunited(Lost)

      Just to let you know Jack managed to make his way home, very skinny but other than that okay according to our vet.     Jack  was… Read more >>

Lost Rabbit Kingswood/North Bransholme(Lost)

      Lost small grey rabbit from the Kingswood/North Bransholme area If seen please call 07763515898   Much Appreciated  Thank You Kayleigh Read more >>

Lost Cat Rene Spring Road in Market Weighton, YO43 3JJ Reunited(Lost)

      Hi, thank you so much with your help below. We have just found her this morning, I'm afraid she had passed away. She had gone into a… Read more >>

Lost Dog Harry Hibaldstow DN20(Lost)

      Harry has been lost for ONE YEAR AND Is a small Shih-tzu cross breed, brindle with a white chest stripe, he was clipped when lost but may… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tom Kirkella HU10 7UP(Lost)

      Tom, our male cat went missing on 13/5/16 from Annandale Road, Kirkella HU10 7UP.  He is ginger and white, microchipped.  Please contact 07980519831 if found.  Thanks. Read more >>

Lost Cat Oscar Roslyn Road HU3.(Lost)

      Oscar, a 3 year old male, neutered and chipped, is missing. He is mostly white with black spots on his back and head and a black tail.… Read more >>

Lost Cat Alan Perth Street HU5 area reunited(Lost)

        Thank you for that - ha has been found :o) He went back to our old house!  Thanks again, Jo     Name: Alan, black and… Read more >>

Lost Cat Ripley Kirkella/Willerby area since June 2015 HU10 7JH(Lost)

      Since June 2015 I've been trying to find our family cat from which I grew up with on White Walk in Kirkella.     The cat in… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sumi Risgestone Avenue, HU11 4AJ. reunited(Lost)

      Hi, just to let you know Sumi was found last Sunday. She's been quite poorly, but she's doing well.     Thank you.Our female Siamese cat, Sumi,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Foxcub Lawns Cottingham(Lost)

      Hi, our beautiful 2 year old Ginger Tom, Foxcub, has been missing for 2 days from The Lawns in Cottingham. He never goes out of calling distance… Read more >>

Lost Cat Mittens Alexandra Road HU5(Lost)

          Name: Mittens, female Location: Hull, HU5 Neutered: No Approx Age: Young Cat Main Colour: Black and White Other Features: Polydactyl, has 'thumbs' on her front… Read more >>

Lost Cat Elsie Ella Street Newland Avenue (Found)(Lost)

      23rd April - thanks for putting her on your website.  We have unfortunately found her and she has passed away. Looks like she was attacked.    … Read more >>

Lost Cat Baloo Murrayfield Road, HU54DN.(Lost)

      Lost cat called Baloo, he is grey coloured (blue) and around 2 yrs old, he is microchipped and neutered.  He is lost from 49 Murrayfield road, HU54DN. … Read more >>

Lost Cat Summer Malton Road between Beverley and Cherry Burton HU17 7QY(Lost)

      My cat Summer who is a neutered female, age coming up to 7 years old, went missing at 9 pm on Sunday 17th April, she never came… Read more >>


      MISSING SINCE LAST OCTOBER - HAS ANYONE SEEN HIM?     Hi, this is our cat who went out last Saturday 10th October 2015 at 8 pm… Read more >>

Found Cat Endyke Lane(Found)

      "In the morning of the 8th of April this cat was found on Endyke Lane, and we would like to find the owners to pass on some… Read more >>

Lost Cat Teddy(Lost)

      My cat Teddy came from the HAWT in June 2015. He was 1 year old on the day he went missing which was Friday 1st April 2016.… Read more >>

Lost Cat Nacho Lambath Road area (HU8 0EQ)(Lost)

      Hi, our white and tabby kitten went missing 25th March at approx. 6pm. East Hull, Lambath Road area (HU8 0EQ). His name is Nacho. Not currently neutered… Read more >>

Lost Cat Gary Spring Bank West HU3 6AF(Lost)

      My 6 year old black and white (mainly black) cat named Gary has gone missing since 21/03/2016.  We have recently moved to the new builds on Spring… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tig Holly Hall area Dudley West Midlands DY1(Lost)

      Tig - she is a scruffy old, lazy cat, roughly 15yrs old who will happily jump in the arms of anybody.  She has been neutered.  Lost in… Read more >>

Lost Cat Elvis Howdale Road Hull HU8(Lost)

      Just to update he was found deceased today 8.3.16 RIP Elvis     Wearing fluorescent collar please see poster for contact details Read more >>

Lost Cat Ebony Wawne Road area of Bransholme(Lost)

      Ebony is a black cat who has only recently started going out.  She went missing in the Wawne Road area of Bransholme on Saturday 27th Feb. She… Read more >>

Lost Cat Pumpkin HU5 area Lomond Road re united(Lost)

      Pumkin has been found and re united with owner.     Lost cat "Pumpkin" she is 9 months old, black with a white chin and 3 white… Read more >>

Lost Cat East Markham NG22(Lost)

      Our boy has been missing 3 weeks now with not one single sighting. He never wonders and we can usually set our watch by him.  We think… Read more >>

Found Cat Ganstead/Bilton(Found)

      Found - little black cat. (think male) Ganstead / Bilton area. been around since last Wednesday 20th February. Very friendly. Seems used to children. Please call 07454375852… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tig Cottingham Road Hull HU5 4AU (Found)(Lost)

      We found him, but the news is not good as he was no longer alive.     Hello, my cat is missing and we are really worried!… Read more >>

Lost Cat Marmalade Priory Road area(Lost)

      My male 2 yr old cat Marmalade has been missing for nearly 3 weeks he is ginger with darker ginger stripes on his body and tail with… Read more >>

Lost Cat Simba Willerby reunited(Lost)

        Good evening, I am just emailing you to make you aware that we have now found missed Simba from Ashdene Close in Willerby so you can… Read more >>

Lost Dog Max Bromyard HR7(Lost)

      Max went missing from his home on Christmas Day. He is an 8-year-old English Springer, neutered; half docked tail, micro-chipped and was wearing a collar and tag… Read more >>

Lost Cat Eddie Spring Bank West Hull HU3 6LJ(Lost)

      Lost cat Eddie, fully black, green eyes, chunky but not fat, got left out Sunday night (24th January) accidentally, haven't seen him since, he is neutered, he… Read more >>

Lost Dog Bear Lorraine Street Stoneferry reunited(Lost)

      Thank you very much for responding, but he's turned up at our door front this morning.     Bear, all black answers fairly large looks almost Alsation… Read more >>

Found Rabbit Orchard Park HU6 9LJ(Found)

      Hi, found yesterday rabbit in my garden, not sure if anyone just dumped it or not. Can keep it till weekend but not longer, left a note… Read more >>

Lost Cat Finlay Costello Stadium Rokeby Park HU4 7QD(Lost)

      Finlay has now been missing 8 days since 19/01/16, please check outhouses, garages etc.  Thanks Jon     Ginger neutered tom, 5 yrs old, long haired (some… Read more >>

Lost Cat Blue Hemswell Ave Greatfield Estate Hull HU9 5LD(Lost)

      Blue 9 month old went missing December 2015 he is chipped and is snipped too. I am desperate to find my boy I have leafleted, put it… Read more >>

Lost Cat Shasta Bricknell Avenue area HU5 4JX reunited(Lost)

        Hello. Just to let you know thst Shasta has been found & returned to us. Thank you for posting our ad. Xxx     Lost Bricknell… Read more >>

Lost Cat Blue Greatfield Estate Hull Hu9 5LD(Lost)

      My 7 month old cat went missing on 14th December,he is a grey with two or three white whisper of fur on neck/chest, he is neutered and… Read more >>

Lost Cat Peia South Cave reunited(Lost)

      Good evening, Due to a phone call from someone at the other side of south cave ringing in to the vets a cat matching Peia's description I… Read more >>

Lost Cat Francesca Madison Gardens HU5 4DB.(Lost)

      Hello, our cat has been missing since Saturday (12th Dec) from the Avenues area of Hull (Madison Gardens, Park Avenue). She is an 18mth old long-haired tortoise… Read more >>

Found Cat West Hull HU3(Found)

      Hello. I found this cat meowing excessive in my garden.He looks very healthy and has black collar with cat kerchief and red flea strap. I let him… Read more >>

Lost Cat Rascal reunited(Lost)

    We have now found our cat Rascal , she must of been in a shed/ garage because we found her a week after to the day and its… Read more >>

Lost Cat Molly Leven(Lost)

      Unfortunately our beautiful female cat Molly is missing since 04 Dec 2015. At 1st we let some days pass, because she use to disappear for 3 or… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jasper Hessle Foreshore HU13(Lost)

      Jasper went out on Saturday 5 December and has not returned home. He is 16 years old and neutered but not microchipped. Distinguishable from two small tears… Read more >>

Lost Cat Zeus North Hull, 24th Avenue HU6(Lost)

      Missing from 04/12/15. HU6 9LT.  Zeus.  2 1/2 years old.  Male.  Grey and white. He has a cut on the bridge of his nose around 2cm long.  … Read more >>

Lost Cat Jasmine Elloughton HU16(Lost)

      Missing Bengal cat called Jasmine Last seen Elloughton HU16 area on 21/11/15, micro chipped, unique patterned cat reward £200 tel 07949230215 Read more >>

Lost Cat Crunchie Baynard Avenue area Cottingham or Cottingham area in general HU16 5AB(Lost)

      MISSING CAT:  Ginger and white 2 years old.  If anyone has seen 'Crunchie' around the Baynard Avenue area in Cottingham or Cottingham area in general, please can… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tom Chesnut Avenue, Queens Road, Hull. HU5 2RH(Lost)

      Sadly, Thomas was killed by a car on Queens Road in Hull on the 18th November. I retrieved his remains from a neighbour who took his body… Read more >>

Lost (Stolen) Dogs Malton reunited(Lost)

      Thanks for your help, we are very please to say we have been reunited with our girls, Thanks Rachel   Please could I leave the details of… Read more >>

Lost Dog Cole Jalland Street HU8(Lost)

      Missing from Jalland Street HU8 black and white collie cross dog, 14 years old wearing a red fabric collar, not chipped, scar from recent mammary surgery.  Contact… Read more >>

Found Cat Ryde Street Hull HU5(Found)

      Found cat on Ryde Street HU5 in approximately the ? November. Very friendly, followed me home. Assumed male. Is black with long white whiskers, a white beard… Read more >>

Lost Cat Weymouth Close,Dorchester Road, Bransholme(Lost)

      I have lost a white and tabby cat, he is neutered and has been missing since the morning of Thursday the 5th November, from Weymouth Close,Dorchester Road,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tilly reunited(Lost)

        Hi just to let you know my cat tilly is home safe. Thank you for posting   Female cat, called Tilly. 5 years. Black,white and ginger.… Read more >>

Found Dog Kingswood Academy(Found)

      Young male dog found in Kingswood Academy. Dog warden has been called.  Dog Warden phone number 01482 300 300 Read more >>

Lost Cat Charlotte Sutton-Upon-Hull (HU8 0NJ) or Gipsyville (HU4) reunited(Lost)

            Just to inform you I have found Charlotte safe and well     I've lost my cat, Charlotte. She's around seven months old, female… Read more >>

Found Cat near Northpoint Bransholme(Found)

      This cat wondered into our home on Bransholme not far from Northpoint Shopping Center on 7th November.  It seems young and has black collar, very distinctive marks,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lula Dorchester Road(Lost)

      Lula, female Blue Cross Bengal, nearly 2 and half yrs old, not chipped but neutered Went missing on the night of 4th Nov From Ilchester Close Dorchester… Read more >>

Lost Cat Whiskas Danes area Orchard Park HU6 reunited(Lost)

        Just to let u know my cat whiskas came back9th November, many thanks for ur help x   Missing cat 1  1/2 years old.  His name… Read more >>

Found Cat Bilton/Wyton(Found)

      Found very friendly female black cat approx 2 years old in Bilton/Wyton area.Has been around for approx 4 weeks. Contact no 01482 817679 Read more >>

Found Ginger Cat Brough(Found)

      Could this be your cat?  Found in the Brough area and brought to our centre in South Cave.  Is possibly unwell and needs urgent attention.  Please either… Read more >>

Lost Cat Suzie Askew Avenue near the houses fiveways roundabout end(Lost)

      Black female cat missing from west Hull last seen on the 12th October she is over 2 years old last seen Askew Avenue near the houses fiveways… Read more >>

Lost Cat Malton Road between Beverley and Cherry Burton.(Lost)

      Hi, this is our cat who went out last Saturday 10th October 2015 at 8 pm and has never returned.  I have searched up and down the… Read more >>

Lost Dog Ernie Holderness Road/Southcoates Lane(Lost)

      Please help me find my dog. He went missing today (16th of October). Last seen at the junction of Holderness Road and Southcoates Lane. He's a 1… Read more >>

Found Rabbit Burnby(Found)

      *Found Rabbit* Hello, I'm just writing to let you that I have found a pet rabbit (just in case someone should contact you looking for it). I've… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bruce Keyingham(Lost)

      LOST CAT BRUCE Lost in Keyingham HU12 9TG, Her name is Bruce and she is a silver/grey tabby. She was last seen on Thursday, 8th October in… Read more >>

Lost Cat Gizmo HU9 4PP reunited(Lost)

      Hi, I would like to report I found my cat Gizmo.He is safe now with me :) Thank you.     Lost cat in East Hull HU9… Read more >>

Lost Cat Masala Melbourne Street, Newland Ave Hull.(Lost)

      Lost cat medium sized ginger and white male cat called Masala, 14 years old.  Needs medication. Neutered.  Lost 30th September on Melbourne Street, Newland Ave Hull. Contact… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jasper Ganton Way, Willerby (reunited)(Lost)

      Our missing cat. He has come home this morning after being missing for a week. Thank you again for putting it onto your website.     Lost… Read more >>

Lost Cat Merlin Market Weighton YO43 3BB(Lost)

      Merlin is missing from 22 Aspen Close he is 3 years old, neutered and micro-chipped and has a black nose, he belongs to my 5 year old… Read more >>

Lost Cat Frank Western Gailes Way HU8 (reunited)(Lost)

    Hi, I emailed last night about our missing cat, Frank. We have found him, he was stuck in a neighbours tree.  Thankyou.     Frank, black domestic long… Read more >>

Lost Dog Alliance Avenue HU3 (reunited)(Lost)

      I'm glad to inform you that my dog has been found and returned safe and well. Thanks for your help and wish you well for the future. … Read more >>

Lost Cat Daisey HU9 5SE (reunited)(Lost)

    Hi just to let you know daisy has been found, thank you for all you're help it was very much appreciated. Daisey was last seen in the morning… Read more >>

Lost Cat Pedro Cottingham HU16 4LT(Lost)

      Pedro, lost male un neutered kitten been gone since 17th September from New Village Road in Cottingham, black with white spot under chin five  months old has… Read more >>

Lost Rabbits Elmo and Albert James Reckitt Avenue HU8(Lost)

      Hello, missing two baby bunnies, about 8-10 weeks, both microchipped but not neutered, HU8 7TJ James Reckitt Avenue area near Garden Village/Chamberlain Road.  Elmo is a stripey… Read more >>

Lost Cat Max South Cave HU15(Lost)

      We bought Max (Mason) from the Hull Animal Welfare Trust in 2009. He is now aged 11/12, is neutered and micro-chipped. He went missing on 2nd September,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Coco Wold Road HU5 reunited(Lost)

        Thanks, Coco strolled in this morning (16th Sept) covered in mud and quite relaxed. I'm guessing he took shelter from the rain under a shed or… Read more >>

Lost Cat Sooty Gypsyville HU4 Reunited(Lost)

      Great News!  He turned up last night at 11:30, bedraggled and limping but otherwise ok. no idea where he's been but he was gone 40 hours.  Thanks… Read more >>

Lost Cat Nigel Pocklington – Now Found(Lost)

     FOUND My cat Nigel was last seen of Wednesday, 9th September at midnight.   He is a large, long haired ginger male cat. He is neutered and chipped.… Read more >>

Lost Budgie Marfleet HU9(Lost)

      I have lost this budgie his name is Batman, is a violet colour and is male. Eyes are going to grey. Approximately 14 weeks old and his… Read more >>

Found Cat Keyingham(Found)

      09.09.15.   Found cat Keyingham, been hanging around for about 3/4 weeks, nearly all black with a few white hairs on chest.  Smallish so possibly female but could… Read more >>

Found Kitten Lowfield Road(Found)

      Male kitten found on Lowfield Road on 3/9/15. Not microchipped. Seems in good health. Please call 01482 652911. Read more >>

Lost Cat Lucy HU8 reunited(Lost)

      Hi, I'd like to inform you that Lucy is home safe again. She was in a neighbours garage, I had been knocking on his door all day… Read more >>

Lost Cat Simba Beverley Road Hessle(Lost)

        Our cat Simba on the left in the photo has been missing since Thursday evening (20.8.2015). She is a long haired tabby and is three years… Read more >>

Found Border Collie Clive Sullivan Way Re united(Found)

   Thankfully re united with it's owners   I found a female Border Collie last night running onto Clive Sullivan near Hessle. Managed to get her safely in my car… Read more >>

Lost Budgies Bilton Grange HU9(Lost)

      Lost on 20th August 2015: 2 blue and green male budgies from Bilton Grange area of Hull (HU9 4RY). Approx 1 year old, no rings. Escaped when… Read more >>

Found Cat Holland Street HU9(Found)

      Found-Entire Male Cat, Holland Street, Hull, HU9, Mid-late June 2015 Relatively young cat • No microchip (I scanned twice to be sure) • Although friendly & socialised… Read more >>

Lost Cat Pickles Thoresby Street Re-united(Lost)

        Thank you so much Pickles is now home safe and sound   Pickles has been missing from Thoresby Street since 6th August 2015 she's mainly black… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lilly Spring Bank West(Lost)

      Lost Lilly black white cat, age 19 wearing red collar with bell, went missing from Spring Bank West  Tuesday 4th August 2015. tel . 01482 215313.  Thank… Read more >>

Found Budgie Marfleet Lane/Hedon Road area(Found)

      Not Aware of name The budgie is green/blue and seems to be six months old as eyes are going white Is in good care.  Cere had blood… Read more >>

Lost Cat Pixie Northolme Hessle(Lost)

      I am wishing to make you aware of a friends missing black cat. Small female all black cat called Pixie. She is 3 years old. Was registered… Read more >>

Lost Cat Rascal Field St/Mount Pleasant/East Hull (reunited)(Lost)

        Just to let you know we've found Rascal and she is safe, thank you for your help.   Name: Rascal female. Description: Grey/Black/Cream tabby cat with… Read more >>

Lost Cat Molly Plane Street area (Reunited)(Lost)

      28th July She is now safe at home.  Thank you so much!   Could you please post our lost cat Molly, she went missing from Hull Anlaby… Read more >>

Lost Cat Tommy Jalland Street Holderness Road Hull HU8 8RB (Reunited)(Lost)

    Thanks for the post. He's home tonight!   Lost: Tommy male ginger neutered tom. Last seen Sunday 19th July 2015. No collar, had booked to get him microchipped… Read more >>

Lost Cat Clio Hathersage Road(Lost)

      Lost cat from Hathersage Road. Last seen evening of the 17/7/15.  Her name is Clio.  She is black with white socks on back legs and white spots… Read more >>

Found Cat Lee Street off Holderness Road HU8 8NN(Found)

      FOUND Female cat been living in our garden for a month or so, black and white, no chip, recent injury to tail but owners might not be… Read more >>

Lost Budgie Peter Near Marfleet Lane/ Hedon Road area(Lost)

      Peter His purple budgerigar society ring says AME (the breeder) and the purple represents born 2015.  He has a pink cere and is about 10 weeks old. … Read more >>

Found Cat Louis Street Hull HU3 1LY(Found)

      Male approx 18 months friendly and un neutered but litter trained. Very vocal and in good condition. He has been hanging around Louis St Hull HU3 1LY… Read more >>

Lost Cat Blossom Anlaby High Road(Lost)

      Hello Blossom 5 years old tortoiseshell with black face white belly.  Neutered and chipped Missing since Sunday 28th June from Anlaby High Road Hull Contact Deborah on… Read more >>

Lost Cat Oreo Tickton Grove North Hull reunited(Lost)

        6th November 2015  Oreo is back home safe. Thank you for putting it on your site.   2 year old tabby male cat named Oreo been… Read more >>

Lost Cat Millie Bristol Road reunited(Lost)

        03.07.15 Hello, Millie is back safe and sound, thanks for your help, Sophie     Hello, this may be too soon to class my cat as… Read more >>

Lost Cat, Belle, Lincoln Green, Anlaby Common, HU4 7SY Reunited(Lost)

      Hi,  Happy Ending!  After 4 nights away from home Belle strolled in at around 8.30 this morning. I am so relieved.  Thank you for putting her on… Read more >>

Found Cat Murrayfield Road HU5 reunited(Found)

          The cat has now been reunited with its owner.   Hi,  this young smokey grey cat has been in my area (Murrayfield Road) for the… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lupin Belvoir Street, HU5 3LP (Reunited)(Lost)

        We have been reunited with our cat. Thank you so much for your help, Samuel   Lupin has been lost since 17/06/2015.  Last seen at around… Read more >>

Lost Dog Pepper Broomfleet(Lost)

      Our dog has gone missing.  She is a black greyhound with a white stripe on her chest. She's called Pepper and she's quite timid.  She went missing… Read more >>

Lost Dog Jasmine Bean Street HU3(Lost)

      Jasmine, small black and white female staffy, white chest, paws and a small white spot of fur on back of neck and tip of tail. She is… Read more >>

Lost Dog Holly Cleveland Street area (re-united)(Lost)

  Thanks for your help, we've now got her back, she was handed in to Kingston Vets on Park Street.   I'm writing to inform you that our dog has… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bubbles Salt End HU12 8DZ(Lost)

      Lost, 2 year old male, black & white, white chest with inverted triangle on his chest, black face with white line along his right top lip (like… Read more >>

Lost Cat Rita De La Pole Avenue HU3 6RQ Reunited(Lost)

        Hi, thank you to advertise Rita.  She happily came back home finally...   Rita, Missing since 05 June, female tortoiseshell cat, approx. 18 months old and… Read more >>

Lost Cat Roary Ings Estate / Grasby Road area HU8 9DH(Lost)

    My Male cat Roary has been missing since 15th May 2015, he is a tabby, his face is white from the top of his nose and all his… Read more >>

Found Cat Carr Lane Willerby (Re-united)(Found)

      Thankfully the owner has come forward.  Thank you Michael   For the last week a long-haired dusty grey cat has been sleeping in the bushes of our… Read more >>

Found Cat Falmouth Street(Found)

      Name: Jinming Lu Email: sakumi1201@gmail.com Message: Hi, I found a pet cat around 18 Falmouth street, Hull, it has a blue pet necklace on but no information… Read more >>

Lost Cats Sooty and Sweep Malvern Road(Lost)

    Hi 2 cats went missing from Malvern Road area of Priory Road on 10/5/15, called Sooty and Sweep, one black and white and the other light grey and… Read more >>

Lost Cat Solomon Corona Drive East Hull HU8 0HH(Lost)

    Can you put my daughters missing cat on your website he's gone missing from Corona Drive east Hull HU8 0HH he's just over a year old all black… Read more >>

Lost Budgie Bubwith(Lost)

    Hi,  I lost my blue male budgie on Friday evening, he was lost from the Bubwith area. i would be grateful if you could contact me if you… Read more >>

Lost Cat Ernie Mere Way Swanland HU14(Lost)

    Hello, please can you put our missing kitten on your website. I have attached a picture of him.   Name: Ernie,  black and white 8 month old kitten.… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lucy Tranby Ave Hessle(Lost)

    Our old grey tabby maine coon is lost in the Tranby Avenue area of Hessle could you please feature her on your page she is not microchipped her… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bo Pearson Park (Beverley Road) HU5 2TQ (reunited)(Lost)

  I wanted to let you know with great relief that I found Bo today, she is a little skinny but in good health. Many Thanks for all your help,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Indy Queensgate Street, Boulevard HU3 2TT. Reunited(Lost)

      Hello, many thanks for posting our missing cat Indy, luckily he has been found safe and well so you can now remove from your website.  Again, many… Read more >>

Lost Cat Teddy Anlaby(Lost)

    My cat Teddy has been missing since Friday 8th May he is a small/medium build, black male with green eyes & is un neutered. I live in the… Read more >>

Lost Cat Marcella Beverley High Road HU10(Lost)

    Missing female cat... Beverley High Road HU6 area... No collar, neutered female, 2 years old.. Black mark on end of nose, missing 10 days Wednesday 29th April 2015… Read more >>

Lost Cat Dodger Mersey Street HU8(Lost)

      Hi this is my male cat Dodger, he's 10 months old has been neutered and microchipped was last wearing a red collar. He is mostly white with… Read more >>

Lost Cat Scratchy Boulevard HU3(Lost)

    Happily Scratchy has been returned to her owner   Has anyone seen Scratchy? She's a female tabby aged 9. She's been neutered but hasn't been chipped. She's quite… Read more >>

Lost Cat Felix Plym Grove HU8 9RT(Lost)

    Cats name is Felix, about one year old, male, has a pink nose, and has been neutered. the collar that is on the picture he lost awhile ago.… Read more >>

Lost Dog Cottingham(Lost)

      White Bichon Frise/Shizu missing from Cottingham on 18/04/15, male and is called Smudge. Please if you find him call me on 07974219391.  Thank  You.  Lesley   Awaiting… Read more >>

Lost Cat Biggie Cowden near Hornsea HU11 4UL(Lost)

    Hi, I'm just messaging regarding my missing cat Biggie. He has returned back now thankfully!   His name is Biggie, 1 year old, black and white with a… Read more >>

Lost Cat Milano Exmouth Street HU5 2HX(Lost)

        After one terrible month, one of our lovely neighbours found and bring us back our precious cat !!  He is now at home safe but exhausted. … Read more >>

Lost Dog Pixie Skipwith Common(Lost)

  Lost Dog Pixie Skipwith Common (between Selby and York) LOST Saturday 11/4/15 FROM SKIPWITH COMMON North Yorkshire. 7 years old female dog. Called Pixie Much loved family dog, went… Read more >>

Lost Cat Roger Beresford Ave, HU6 7LZ (Reunited with ower)(Lost)

  25th March  Hi thanks for your help. My cat has just wandered in. Lisa Roger has been missing from Beresford Avenue are since last night 24th March. He is… Read more >>

Lost Cat Max Welton HU15 1LX(Lost)

  Please could you advertise our male blue-eyed seal point Siamese house cat.  He got out today in Welton near Brough. He is castrated, blue collar with tag, and we… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lula Rockferry Area(Lost)

  I have lost my cat and was just wondering if anyone has seen anything off him he's a grey and white cat approximately 9 months old very big male… Read more >>

Lost Cat Ginger Keldgate Beverley HU17 8JD (reunited)(Lost)

  Just to let you know he has now been found. Thanks for all your help regards  Ann   Lost ginger cat answer to Ginger. Last seen on Keldgate Beverley… Read more >>

Found Elderly Cat Cottingham Road Hull(Found)

  Found Cottingham Road Hull, elderly female ginger cat, no collar, now at our centre, please ring 01430 423986 any day but before 3.30pm. Read more >>

Lost Cat Tilly Bucking Street/Melrose Street(Lost)

  Hello, please would you be able to list my cat on your website. She went missing December 28th. A family member spotted her 2 weeks later close by, I've… Read more >>

Lost Cat Titch Blenheim Street Princes Avenue(Lost)

    Hi would like to let you know that after 10 long weeks Titch Blenheim Street was brought home by two brilliant men I can't thank enough some how… Read more >>

Lost Cat Smoke(Lost)

  Smoke, Silver Spot Serengeti (Bengal/Oriental) Slim build, very vocal, 2 1/2 years old. Male, entire, Micro chipped. Missing Beverley Road/Ash Grove since 7/2/15 Contact 07892721102 Facebook "smoke the cat… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jake South Cave (Reunited)(Lost)

7th March 2015  Jake was found badly injured. He is undergoing surgery for a ruptured abdomen and a fractured pelvis.  Lets hope a speedy recovery for Jake   Jake, male… Read more >>

Found Staffie (Reunited)(Found)

  Found 26.2.15 Staffordshire Bull Terrier male found in Eastella Drive Hull HU4 6AN Brindle with white chest & neck. Un-neutered.  Now with Kingston upon Hull Dog Warden telephone 300300… Read more >>

Lost Cat Ringo Victoria Avenue HU5 3EA (Reunited)(Lost)

  Hi, totally ecstatic to let you know somebody found Clive today and he is home safe.He is very hungry so think he may been stuck in a shed somewhere.… Read more >>

Lost Cat Louie Rugmere Close HU1 3DZ(Lost)

Hello, my name’s Demi, my cat has been lost since yesterday morning (22 February 2015) and was last seen at 11 Rugmere Close, Great Thornton Street, Hull. HU1 3DZ. Unfortunately,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Max HU4(Lost)

We have lost male cat (Max) aprox 6 months old. Last seen on the 10th of February around HU4 post code. Max is very friendly cat especially with the children,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Chicko Cottingham Road HU5 (Reunited)(Lost)

  Hello my 9 month old cat has gone missing 11/02/15.  He is black and doesn't have a micro chip and his name is Chicko and I live 83 Cottingham… Read more >>

Lost Cat Miki Cottingham Road HU5 (Reunited)(Lost)

Hello my cat got missing today 16/02/15 it is male cat he is 9 months old and his name is Miki is black and white with a grey or silver… Read more >>

Lost Cat Nicky Bachelor Street HU3 2TY(Lost)

Hi,  I lost my cat Nicky Valente, I had him for around 6 years since a kitten, he is fluffy and big, black and white. Black on the top and… Read more >>

Lost Cat Megg Westlands Road HU5(Lost)

MEGG is 20 years old and went missing on 11th January 2015 from Westlands Road in Hull, HU5.  She could be on Wold Road, Manor Road, Hotham Road. Or the… Read more >>

Lost Cat Willow James Reckitt Avenue(Lost)

This is Willow, she has been missing from James Reckitt Avenue area since 7th January. She is 3 yrs old neutered but not micro chipped. She is a petite cat… Read more >>

Lost Cat Dexter Saltshouse Road(Lost)

Lost Cat Dexter Saltshouse Road Dexter was last seen at around 5.30pm on Monday 5th January 2015 in the Saltshouse Road area of East Hull. We would really appreciate it… Read more >>

Found Cat Holland Street Hull HU9(Found)

Cat Found Holland Street, Hull, HU9 Friday 2nd January 2015 Entire adult male DSH. Black & white, around 2 years old. NO MICROCHIP OR COLLAR. Currently lodging in mine &… Read more >>

Lost Cat Jasmine Newland Avenue(Lost)

LOST female tortie/tabby cat Jasmine, 11 years old missing in the Newland Avenue area (Edgecumbe Street) she us very special to us and we are frantic with worry - please… Read more >>

Lost Cat Chester Beverley HU17 8XF(Lost)

Name: Chester Sex: Male Age: 3 Years Colour: Tabby with a white patch under his chin, and pale underside. Tiger-like markings and wears a red collar with a bell. Neutered:… Read more >>

Lost Cat Oreo West Hull Area(Lost)

Name: Oreo, 1 year old male with white paws, black back and white tummy with black patch on. Face is black across the eyes and white chin with black patch.… Read more >>

Lost Cat Maduma Gilberdyke(Lost)

We have set up a facebook page to aid in trying to find our missing cat. Her name is Maduma, she is approx 3.5 years old. She is mainly black,… Read more >>

Lost Cat Marmaduke N. Ferriby HU14(Lost)

Lost male cat 1 year old Ginger and white, short haired White triangle on his face, a white under belly and a ginger back Neutered and micro-chipped Missing since: 1… Read more >>

Lost Cat Trixie Wiltshire BA12 0DB (Reunited)(Lost)

Hi there Trixie has strolled in this morning without a care in the world after being missing a week. She appears to be absolutely fine, so I assume she was… Read more >>

Lost Cat Fern Beverley HU17 8JQ (Reunited)(Lost)

Fern has returned home very thin and thirsty but seems well!!!!  Yvonne Missing from Beverley HU17 8JQ.   Fern 2 years old all black long haired spayed and micro chipped.… Read more >>

Found Cat Stone Creek/Sunk Island(Found)

Beautiful young white/ginger/toffee/black/grey tortoiseshell little girl. Blue collar and no microchip. Very affectionate. Been hanging around the Stone Creek/ Sunk Island area for a while. Clearly house trained and used… Read more >>

Lost Cat Bernard South Dalton HU17 7PN(Lost)

Bernard has been missing almost a month now. We live in a quiet village with not many houses and we have put up posters and spoken to everyone in the… Read more >>

Lost Cat Daisy HU8 Waldegrave Avenue Hull (Reunited)(Lost)

Please can you remove Daisy from Waldegrave Avenue from your lost and found page as she has been found safe and well.  Excellent news My 9 year old cat was… Read more >>

Lost Cat Poppy Newport HU15 2QU(Lost)

Hi. one of our cats has gone missing. (Saturday 6th December 2014 1pm) she was last seen in our front garden. We have lived here for 11 years and she… Read more >>

Found Cat Woodmansey HU17(Found)

Hi, a black & white stray cat has moved in with us at 13 Ferry Lane Woodmansey HU17 0SE, very tame, uses a litter tray fine, not microchipped unfortunately!   Am… Read more >>

Lost Cat Lilly Littondale/Nidderdale HU7(Lost)

MISSING: Small female Tabby kitten approx 6 months old not seen since Sunday morning (30/11/2014) in Littondale/Nidderdale area (HU7) If anyone has seen Lilly can they please let me know… Read more >>

Lost Cat Joey Wansford Grove Preston Road Estate HU9 (Reunited)(Lost)

Joey has been brought home and is safe and well thank you for all your help from lisa reeve xx This is my missing cat Joey he is 6 month… Read more >>

Gary (Reunited)(Lost)

Hi I wanted to let you know my cat Gary was found alive a few weeks ago where he went missing on Bricknell Av in Hull a lobwly.family looked after… Read more >>


Hi our cat went missing Wednesday evening 22nd October 2014, she is called Prinnie and is black and white with long thick fur, she is not micro chipped, she is… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

We think he is lost but we’re not sure. Black and white male, neutered cat, no microchip, left side of his top lip looks like he could have a scar.… Read more >>


My dog Judd went missing yesterday afternoon round Hall Road area. He is 7 years of age and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dark brown brindle with white socks on two… Read more >>


My cat, Roger, who is ginger and white and two years old (neutered Tom) has been missing since 17 October 2014. We live on Cottingham Road, near the Chants Ave… Read more >>

Lost Cat(Lost)

Please if anyone can help us our cat is about 6 monts old, tom cat pure black except about 5 white hairs under his chin not very noticeable. He is… Read more >>


Either mising, lost or stolen, Smudge Jack Russell cross, long haired from the A64 High Hutton Malton area on Friday 10th October 2014. Please ring 07966 243 926 or 07969… Read more >>

Lost Cat(Lost)

We last saw our cat on Tuesday 30th September in Sproatley when he left for his usual nightly prowl. He usually comes home the next morning or within 24 hours.… Read more >>


Our cat Tom has been since 18th September 2014 from Leven. He is a small, male, ginger cat who meows A LOT! He is 2 years old and was wearing… Read more >>

Lost Cat(Lost)

My cat vanished 4/9/2014 from Dunswell Lane, Cottingham. She is very timid and will probably run away from people. She has a small wispy patch on her chest and had… Read more >>


My tabby and white male cat is missing from Spring Bank West in Hull he is about one year old. We live on the new houses on Spring Bank West… Read more >>


Pup is registered on Doglost website (ref: 60130) I appreciate that she may not have been stolen from your area, but it has been 7 months now and she could… Read more >>


Missing from: HOLLAND STREET, EAST HULL, HU9. Missing since: The night of SUNDAY 3RD AUGUST 2014. FEMALE, quite small, 1yr old. She is mostly BLACK with WHITE flash under chin/chest.… Read more >>


Missing ginger cat (I am looking after him for 2 years as his owner has moved abroad). He was last seen on 7th August 2014 on the Priory Road area.… Read more >>


My cat ‘Monkey’ is missing, last seen Friday 22 August 2014, he lives on the Bovis estate near Welton Primary School in Brough. He is 15 and has a heart… Read more >>


My cat is missing. His name is Stripey, he is a 3 year old tabby with white chin and is both neutered and micro chipped. He is timid but very… Read more >>


Sidney hasn’t been seen since 19th August 2014 from Lime Tree Lane, Bilton, very unlike him as he likes his meals at regular times! He is a 18 month old… Read more >>


Roger has been missing since 7th August 2014, he is a white and tabby neutered male roughly a year old, he’s an indoor cat extremely affectionate, was wearing an ancol… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

This little cat has been living in our garden on Westbourne Avenue for a few months. He had a blue collar on which we have now taken off him as… Read more >>


Eric is a black and white neutered tom, 3 years old, short-haired and quite large, he has white over his right eye and black over his left eye, white whiskers.… Read more >>


Missing cat name Fergie breed Dlh sex female description ginger she’s neutered and microchipped wearing a collar with a magnetic bell. Missing since 7th August 2014 from Exchange Street Beverley… Read more >>


Chester is chipped, a pedigree Siamese Chocolate Point and neutered. He is up to date with all injections. He is a lovely family pet and missed greatly by us all.… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

For the last 6-8 weeks or so, we have had this little black cat come into the garden on a regular basis. We are unsure if he is someone’s lost… Read more >>


Hello my neutered tom cat as been missing since 1st August 2014 he’s roughly between 3 and 5 years of age, I live on Newcomen Street in East Hull Please… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

Found cat, in our garden a couple of days now. Tortoiseshell/white, young, very friendly and affectionate. Spring Bank area, please ring 01482 566757 Read more >>


Missing cat, Bob. Last seen early Saturday 26th July, Sutherland Ave, Endike Lane. He usually has the free roam of the area but this time he didn’t come home. Very… Read more >>


Marley – Siberian cat lost in Beverley (Grovehill Road area) on 15th July 2014. He is a friendly, confident and inquisitive cat but has always previously returned home. 4 year… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

I have asked around my area of Marlborough Avenue, Hornsea, if anyone has a missing cat we also have put a picture of him on Facebook. It is a male… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

Hello, I work at Molescroft Court Residential Home in Beverley. A lovely long-haired brown white cat has been coming into the home, I did call Beverley Cat Rescue and they… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

I have found a black and white male cat on Perth Street West. He is not microchipped or neutered. He is very thin but I have been feeding him and… Read more >>


Our cat Georgie went missing on Thursday night 3rd July 2014 from our place on Park Avenue HU3 5EW She is torti, 14 Years old, has been neutered, is hard… Read more >>


This is my beloved 3-year-old cat missing since 16th June 2014. She is a very timid cat and will be frightened, not like her to go out of the garden,… Read more >>


Lola– missing from Sutton Park HU7 4AQ since Friday night 20.06.2014 — Lola’s an indoor cat she never goes out so she’s going to be very frightened probably hiding away… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

A cat has wandered onto our site on New Cleveland street; been here a few days now. It is heavily pregnant and limping quite badly. It does have a collar… Read more >>


Lost cat ‘Ace’ Tilbury Road HU4 Friendly, male tabby, 10 moths old. He’s not a large cat and he has quite a distinct black and grey striped tail. He has… Read more >>


Lost cat from Atholl Avenue Hessle HU13. Diego is ginger,white and long haired. He is neutered but not microchipped. He doesnt wear a collar. Went missing on Tuesday 27th May… Read more >>


Hi our cat Monty went missing on Friday Evening (30th May) Quantock Close, Walker Street,HU3 area. He is around 5 years old, long-haired tabby. He is neutered but not chipped,… Read more >>


Missing from Hornsea HU18 1SX Salisbury Avenue. Tabby with white chest and paws. Belly sags a little. Very unusual looking cat. lost 4th May 2014 in the morning. Gracie is… Read more >>


A black and white female cat Lulu – only 1 year old. Predominately white underneath and black/white body on top. Large white paws. She is neutered and micro-chipped but has… Read more >>


Missing one year old female cat, Answers to the name Jim-Jims. Black and white with a distinctive black Mark on her nose, Missing since 20th May From the Hessle Grovehill/Weir… Read more >>


17th December 2014   Hi, Just wanted to let you no that Chester the male ginger and white cat missing from bransholme in May 2014 has returned tonight, owners have no… Read more >>


Missing since Wednesday 30th April 2014 male ginger cat, 10 months old from Tranby Meadows in Hessle. Jasper doesn’t normally wander far from home and is quite timid. Please contact… Read more >>


My cat FLICK is missing. he is 5 years old, but unfortunately is not micro-chipped. We have now moved address however our cat went missing the day before we moved… Read more >>


I have lost my black male cat usually wearing a blue collar with bell; he has not yet been neutered or microchipped- He is approximately 7 months and answers to… Read more >>


This is SIMBA. He is our 8 year old Bengal cat and was last seen on Friday 4th April in the Willerby Road area (HU5). He is brown with tiger-like… Read more >>


We have lost our all black female cat, she had a pink collar on and is always at home lazing about or eating and she has been missing since 9th… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

This lovely silver tabby and white shorthaired male, unfortunately with no collar or microchip, has become a permanent resident in the garden (Hull/Anlaby area HU4) since April 5th, 2014, but… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

Hi this cat has been visiting us for a few weeks. Spring Bank West area of Hull, it’s very friendly and always seems hungry. We took it to the vet… Read more >>

Rita & Dave(Lost)

My two cats have gone missing. Rita is a tortie cat. Very colourful and has distinctive markings. her face is half ginger and half black with a white mask. She… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

She is a tortoise colour long hair oldish good house trained.8 Beech Avenue Thorngumbald HU12 9QP tel 07857637193 No photo Read more >>


Lost in the Kirkella area but collar was found on Croft View, Anlaby. Possible sightings of him on Tranby Lane Anlaby. If found, please contact Marina on (07980 519831). Thanks. Read more >>

Found Cat(Lost)

I have found a black cat Dene Close Dunswell HU6 0AB. Dont know if its chipped or neutered. No collar. Looks healthy and has a shiny coat.I’m feeding it to… Read more >>

Found Cat(Found)

I found this cat in Roos, East Riding of Yorkshire on 17th March 2014. She was quite distressed and very hungry. Female about 3 years old. Not microchipped. Debs 07718… Read more >>

Found Cat(Lost)

I have found a lovely black cat, with a very few white hairs on her chest, on Park Avenue, Hull. She has been scannned for a microchip but there doesn’t… Read more >>


My cat has been missing since 13th February but I don’t want to completely lose hope so if you will post this on your website I will be very grateful.… Read more >>


Hi I am just wondering if anyone has seen our family cat ‘Buddy’. He was last seen at home 14th February 2014 Boothferry Road Hessle, he will be 2 year… Read more >>


Name: Pepper, 1 year old, female, location: Victoria Dock, Hull, HU9 1TF, missing since Monday 24th February 2014. Pepper is/was pregnant and may have found shelter to give birth. She… Read more >>

Found Cat(Lost)

FOUND large all black cat down Park Avenue, yellow/green eyes, very friendly, haven’t checked whether male or female yet due to my small kitten I can’t bring it in but… Read more >>


Our black and white cat, Bella, has been missing from home in Thorngumbald since Sunday 23.2.14. She is very petite with a jet black nose. She is chipped and our… Read more >>

Lost Cat(Lost)

Hi, I live in Hull in HU5 2 area, my cat went missing Saturday 15th February, he I my baby and I really miss him, he look just like the… Read more >>

Missing Cat(Lost)

We have lost our cat, 8 months old, house cat, spotty rosette bengal with black collar with diamante. She escaped from our house in Welton Brough on the 21st Feb… Read more >>


He’s a four year old Siberian, he went missing on Monday 10th of February 2014 in the County Road South area, hes been neutered but unfortunately no micro chip, he’s… Read more >>


Please can you put a notice on lost and found to say dog missing since yesterday 08/02/14. Black cocker spaniel called Jess age 9. Short clipped fur. Very friendly. Wawne… Read more >>


My little lady ‘Maisie’ is missing. She has been missing since Monday 13th Jan from East Hull, Endeavour Crescent. She is only 7 months old. She has distinctive white stripe… Read more >>

Lost Tabby Cat(Lost)

Hi I have lost a tabby cat 16/1/14 – Robson Way, Sutton, near the park. She is a gorgeous, very friendly cat, with white paws (left one has tabby marking… Read more >>


Missing dog Alfie is a King Charles Cavalier, he is 4 years old, white and brown colour. He is very chubby and shaven at the moment. He went missing from… Read more >>


We have lost our loving family cat, grey with red collar called Welham just before Christmas in Cottingham. He is missed very much and we would like him returned can… Read more >>


Hi, my cat went missing in the HU9 area around the 18th December 2013. he is black and white with a black spot on his chin. he is neutered and… Read more >>


Please can you help me. My dads cat as gone missing. He is away and left the cat with a family member, she as got out of the house been… Read more >>


Hi my cat has gone missing from HU9 5DH area Milford Grove Greatfields. She is ginger tabby and has a white chest she is also pregnant answers to the name… Read more >>


Hi I’ve lost my cat he’s been missing since the 25th of November I’m beginning to get very worried he’s black and white, he went missing from Beverley down Bielby… Read more >>

Lost Cat(Lost)

My kitten is missing since Sunday 26th nov, I live on Rosedale Walk, Lincoln Way, Beverley and my tel no is 07985564235 or 01482679836. She is 15 weeks old, brown… Read more >>


Hi Charlie, a lovable black male approx 3 yerars old, went missing from near Beverley Minster on Friday morning. He has no collar but was micro chipped. If you could… Read more >>


Missing male stocky black cat with flecks of white on his chest, he’s been missing sice about 5th November 2013 from Redhill Park Hall Road area HU6 8QH, we think… Read more >>

Young Cat(Found)

A young cat that was found on Noddle Hill on Sunday 10th November 2013. He is black and white, a little over 16 weeks old. he is not micro-chipped (as… Read more >>


We have lost our Bunny Cookie, she is female, unchipped and un neutered as she is only 12 weeks old. She escaped from our garden in Desmond Ave, Hull HU6… Read more >>


Charlie is a male 18 month old tabby cat with a white marking on one side of his nose (a little like his stuck his nose in a pot of… Read more >>

Cat and kitten(Found)

This cat and kitten were found in a shed on Mallyan Close near Howdale Road in Hull. Only one kitten was with the female who is 1-2 years old with… Read more >>


Lost black cat. Neutered Tom. 1 year old. Distinctive small nick on the tip of his right ear. Last seen 15 Oct 2013 Coltman Street/Anlaby road. May have been frightened… Read more >>

Young Male Cat(Found)

Young male cat, un nuetered. Living in my shed for 3 weeks or so. Getting a bit worried about him as the weather gets colder, he doesn’t really seem to… Read more >>


      Missing Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Zuzia, gold-silver small female.  Microship number 98206160003720, left side of neck.  Registered in Poland but now we live in UK.… Read more >>


      Hi my cat Violet has gone missing, she is 6 months old, microchipped and neutered, she has a distinctive white stripe across her stomach and is all… Read more >>
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