Willow & Jess

I thought you would like to hear how two cats I adopted from you are doing. I adopted Wilma (now called Willow) and Buzz (now called Jess) from you just over a year ago. I was surprised at how quickly they settled in, Willow was very withdrawn and you warned me she would probably hide away for a couple of weeks, about 3 hours after I got them home they was both laid next to me on the settee, they are like 2 different cats now, they both love to play and Willow likes to race around the house while Jess just sits and watches looking at her like she’s mad. They are spoilt rotten, they both love their cat treats and every week I buy them either roast beef or honey roast ham (neither of them like chicken or prawns which I thought they would). Both of them like to sleep on my bed, Jess near my feet and Willow under the covers. I know that they are really happy here and I love them both to bits, I’m so glad I got them.

Thank you for looking after them and for letting me have them.


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