Thomas (Tommy) and Patch

RIP to our beloved “Tommy” – in memory of our gorgeous boy who left us in November 2013:
We adopted Thomas, a 5-year-old Jack Russell cross on 2nd January 2012. Well, he adopted us actually, he chose us at HAWT and we quickly bonded. It was love at first sight.
After being abandoned, he loved his new life with us, made lots of friends (human and canine!) and gained lots of new family members to love him.  He enjoyed visiting his Grandma and Granddad in Sussex and going for long walks on the Sussex Downs, and got lots of cuddles from his Grandma in Yorkshire when he went to see her.  He had a great time paddling in the sea and walking along the beach when we took him to Thomas Patch 5Withernsea, Hornsea and Filey.  He was a lovely well-behaved boy when out walking, even if other dogs barked at him and tried to escape their owners leads, Thomas wasn’t fazed at all, which earned him lots of new admirers, everyone wanted to come and stroke him.  We went to the Diamond Jubilee Street Party in Roos and he received lots of tummy tickles from some of the children – he was more popular than us!  We absolutely adored “our Tommy”, he always made us smile. We were devastated when he passed away from a genetic heart condition and will always love and miss him. At least the last couple of years of his life were truly happy and he was loved and adored. He gave us so much joy and he’ll always be part of our family.

Thank you HAWT for the precious time we had with our beloved boy, a little dog with a big personality who left paw prints on our hearts forever.

After losing our beloved dog Thomas in November 2013 and feeling very blue about it, we decided the following March that the time was right to start thinking about giving anotherThomas Patch 3 rescue dog a loving home. After seeing Patch on the HAWT website we immediately fell in love with his gorgeous big ears and adorable little face; we adopted him within a couple of days. He was shy and nervous at first but soon settled in, made himself at home and was bouncing around all over the place. He’s such a sweet-natured, loving boy, and is very generous with cuddles and kisses. His favourite things in the whole world are running around on the beach playing ball (he never gets tired….), sleeping on our laps, his fluffy Pink Panther toy, and going for his woodland walks. He’s good with family and friends kids, especially when they tickle his tummy and blow bubbles for him to chase. Anyone who gives him a treat becomes his new best friend! He’s been quite nervous around other dogs but over the past few months has been getting more confident with this and has recently been playing very nicely with other dogs. We just have to figure out how to get his harness and lead on him without him getting over-excited at the prospect of walkies; it’s like trying to get a babygrow on a wriggling baby! He’s a comical boy too – he just loves sneaking into our bed and hiding under the covers……… Thank you HAWT for letting us be Patch’s new Mum & Dad, he’s happy and content, and so are we.
Love from Steve & Jakki xxx

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