Rusty 1In 2010 on October 31st we got ourselves a lovely little long haired Jack Russell from you. His name then was Toby and we changed it to Rusty because of his colour.  Rusty is such a joy.  Not long after he came to live with us we took him to have his photo taken and entered one of the pics into a competition, which he won! He loves to have his picture taken and I use some of the photo’s to make greetings cards, which are very popular.
Also my daughter publishes a small magazine and Rusty has his very own column. I write for him about the things we get up to.  He loves his walks and is a real joy to walk because he just loves everyone and everything.  He watches the squirrels when we walk through the cemetery and just this morning he was nose to nose with a cute black and white kitten saying ‘Hello’. He has quite a few doggy friends too.  Each year our church has a pet service and Rusty enjoys that.  All the pets get a blessing and treats at the end.  I think that he is very happy here, especially since we moved as it’s much quieter and there’s a nice country lane to walk round as well as the cemetery and we meet quite a lot of other dogs and animals.  Rusty does some tricks when he gets a treat and never takes human food if we forget and leave it where he easily could.  We don’t give him human food either.  He loves when we have visitors and shows them his toys and how they squeak etc.  Thank you for our lovely Rusty. He’s a real cutie and keeps us all smiling.             Jan xx




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