Hi this is Ruby, we adopted Ruby in 2011/2012 from South Cave who was with her sister Esmeè but unfortunately they got separated before we got Ruby.

When we first got Ruby, we was told she was rescued from a home where they neglected and beat both her and her sister. Because of how she was treated she was so timid and scared of everything. From tipped over bins, loud noises and raised voices.

She used to be so skinny and so shy, and she never knew how to play… Try play tug with her and she’d just let go the toy. She wouldn’t approach you unless you went to her and even then she’d still have her tail between her legs.

Now in 2015 after many years of having Ruby in our loving family, she is so spoilt, she is more of a human than a dog; she has her own bed-blanket and teddy (although she makes her way into our bed or onto our bed most nights) gets treats and toys regularly. We take her on days out to the sea-side and watch her run and play ball. She now plays without being scared, curls up to you for cuddles, and is just a general kind loving dog.

She really is one of a kind! She’s fussy to meet new people and new dogs, her tail goes like mad and she just can’t get enough of the attention!

Over the years of us having Ruby we really have created such a bond with her and as we’ve seen her come out of her shell we’ve seen her confidence and trust grow dramatically. Everyone that she gets introduced to falls in love with her!

We couldn’t thank Animal Welfare enough for allowing such beautiful dog into our lives. She’s one big part of our family, and we love her to absolute pieces, nothing in the world could replace her!

Love Jessica, Jonathan, Becky and the rest of our family xx

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