Here is Rocky the cross collie who is now 14 years old, he came from South Cave together with a cross Alsation Sheeba who was the same age . Sadly we had to have Sheeba put to rest three months ago and as they had only ever been apart for 5 hours in there entire lives when Sheeba was sterilised after giving birth to 13 puppies Naturally Rocky pined and missed her very very much and after consideration we decided to adopt another dog . We went to South Cave taking Rocky with us after seeing two dogs on their web site . Rocky was introduced to a German Shepherd puppy named Millie and they seemed to hit it off straight away, she apparently had not had the best start in life and was terrified of the car and the stairs at home but she has now put all that behind her . She loves her food and walks and racing about the garden and play fighting with me and / or my partner and Rocky is so much happier now he again has a friend to share his life and his bed with (but naughty naughty they do like to sneak up on the bed when they think everyone is asleep) we love Millie to bits and is now an important part of our family and we know from the way she acts that the love is returned a thousand fold

Fred and Jim

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