Hi My name is Reggie although I used to known as Charlie. I’ve been in my forever home for a year now and my life has changed so much. My new family changed my name and gave me a new start. I had been with a family who didn’t want me anymore because I was rather naughty and I barked all the time. This had been my 2nd re-homing



I moved in and made friends with Alice, another rescue dog who is part of my forever family. I have worked hard to change my ways and my new family have found that I am frightened of lots of things, knowing this and treating me in the right way when I am frightened, I am slowly getting braver, overcoming my fears and more relaxed.



I like to sleep on the bed and on the sofa under a blanket where it is warm and I feel secure. I still flinch when there is a sudden movement, but I am becoming more relaxed with this. I love being close to people and having a cuddle. I have been on holidays in the caravan and now enjoy going for long walks away from scary traffic and noisy people. I do still bark, but I do now more appropriately and nothing like I used to. I tell my family when people are around, there is a strange noise and when someone comes to the door. I am still learning but my life is happy now. I am so glad it is third time lucky for me. xxx

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