Rebel and Symbol




To the center staff, it has been a year today since we took ownership of Rebel & Symbol, who you may better remember as Crispin and Cormack. We wanted to take this  opportunity to give you an update on their progress and past year. Needless to say the brothers have settled in with us fantastically. They rule the house and house life largely revolves around them. Their characters have also blossomed, Symbol is the affectionate one, more sedate than his brother (and as such the heavier), he rarely leaves my side when I am home and would sit on my knee or beside me for as long as I would allow it. He does have a magpie instinct though and has a ‘nest’ area where small missing items such as earrings, tin foil and small household items can often be found; Rebel on the other hand more than lives up to his new name and is as mischievous as he is adorable, he has a hyperactivity which sometimes frustrates even his brother. He has the attention span of a goldfish and seems to view each day as his first day on earth as everything seems to have a new found attraction everyday as he prowls endlessly looking for mischief. They have, needless to say, fitted straight into our home and lives and are ‘our boys’. We wanted to thank you again, both from us and the boys, for bringing us together and giving us all new life’s.



Best Wishes, Alyson & Gary

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