Hello. When I arrived st the centre they called me Ribbon. Along came two lovely people who were looking for a cat like me, independent and a bit feisty, but loving too.



They took me home to their house 5 weeks ago and a new adventure began. First we agreed on a new name, Princess. Mummy says I’m her little Princess and it stuck!



I’ve got a massive room and a conservatory to run around in, but they let me use the whole house except their bedroom, but I sneak in there too sometimes; I don’t think they mind.



I went on a harness in the garden but I didn’t like it so I stayed in a couple more weeks until one day I went to the door, ready to face the world again.



My back garden is an adventure playground with trees and everything. It’s all fenced in so im really safe there. Dad came out with me and I loved exploring. The next day mum came out too and did some gardening. I tried to help, digging in the border. I loved it!



The next day I ran to the door and mum came out with me again and did some more gardening – I love it when we go out, but it’s a bit wet and muddy at the moment so I have to come in when told.



My mum and dad got me loads of toys and a laser mouse,
so we’re never bored. I give them loads of cuddles in return for looking after me. But sometimes I get a bit annoyed and swipe them; they don’t like it but they understand me.



When they have friends round I love it, lots of people to cuddle me.



I’ve even got a Christmas stocking with treats in, can’t wait! And last night they let me sleep in their bedroom too – that’s the best treat of all, and apparently I snore!



I’ve got the best home ever. Thank you for finding me my mum and dad.



Goodnight, Princess”

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