Hello HAWT,

I just thought you might want an update with Pixie who we rescued back in August. She has fully settled into the household now, usually commanding all the attention! She has improved on the leash tremendously since we switched to a simple harness. She walks right by your side and rarely pulls. She does however show the stubbornness of the Akita breed if she sees a friendly dog about by plonking herself down and refusing to budge until the associated greetings have taken place. She has grown quite a bit since you looked after her and has filled her puppy legs out nicely. Everywhere we go everybody says what a bonny dog she is and we fully agree. What they don’t see however is that she is also a muck magnet and takes a lot of wiping down afterwards! I have attached a few pictures of her on her Christmas day walk with her hand stitched bandanna. She is such a joy and character to have around (I am trying, but failing miserably, to persuade my better half that Pixie needs a young man of the 4 legged variety to keep her company….not that she is ever left on her own mind). I think another Akita would be great! I hope you enjoy the photos and feel free to do whatever you wish with them.

Kindest regards,


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