Dear HAWT,

I thought I would just give you an update on Pixie who we got from yourselves at the end of August 2013. She is turning into an absolutely wonderful dog who is very clever (and mischievous) with an interest in everything. She is socialising brilliantly with most of the other local dogs and absolutely everybody we meet says she is a beautiful, bonnie dog. We are biased but it is very nice when other dog owners say it!

She doesn’t seem to have a bad bone in her body and we still can’t believe someone gave up on her so early in life. She sits on command every time, even if there is a throng of other dogs around her. She walks beautifully on her lead and we are progressing with regular training to let her have a bit more freedom from the leash when the time is right.

From day one she has slept through the night with no accidents and has a little routine of pinching whatever part of the sofa you were sitting on before you got up, then settling down on the floor, rolling onto her back and snoring the night away. She is very fond of cuddles and loves to play tug and fetch with all of her toys. Thank you so much for looking after her when she needed it.

Kindest regards,


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