Ben and Patch




Hi to all at HAW
We visited your kennels at the beginning of July 2015 with the view of adopting another Jack Russell as a companion to our own Jack Russell Ben who we got from HAW in 2013. We were taken with Patch a 10 months old Jack Russell who although had a profile provided by his previous owners which did not do him any favours seemed very affectionate and seemed to get along with Ben. After a couple of visits to the kennels and with the help of Shane allowing Patch to socialise with Ben we decided to give this little man a chance. Ben and Patch are now the best of friends and every one we meet cannot not believe they have not grown up together. Patch seems to follow and learn from Ben where ever one is the other is never far away. I have enclosed a picture for you to see. I would like to thank you all at South Cave and congratulate you on the terrific work you do, no money could buy these two little men we have now.

The Leach family
and Ben and Patch

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