Parsley & Rosie

Parsley and Rosie came to live with us in March. They’re still timid so we’re building up stroking and handling gently but they’re absolutely great little characters and they’ve settled well into their shed and big run. They love the shed because it’s safe (glad they know that) and it has their food in it. They also love being outside, especially in the warm weather when they sunbathe together. I’ve also seen them outside in pouring rain. Millie and Noel, our other rabbits, do the same so it must be a bunny thing.

The newbies have now stayed still long enough for us to take pix of a range of their indoor activities. Parsley, who’s smaller, is learning fast how to eat his share of the food before his bigger sister sees he’s still got some. It’s fun watching how he gets round her idea of “sharing”!-

Rosie is nosier (like Millie) and sometimes helps with cleaning out…….. joining in with furniture moving and tidying (?) the hay pile.

Both enjoy jumping round outside and showing off amazing twisty turny moves before breakfast and tea time. We’ve found old wooden seed trays (well scrubbed, of course) make fantastic bridges / look out posts for them or shelters to wriggle under.

As with Noel & Millie (& Felix the cat), we really enjoy having them around. Hope they’ll be settled for many years to come.

Thanks very much.

Ken and Helen

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