Molly and Ruby





This is Molly and Ruby (Roma and Cicely) the little semi ferals we adopted on the 28th July……. they have settled in nicely, Ruby has come on leaps and bounds and now is quite happy to be picked up, cuddled and stroked, she greets us in the morning and when she wakes up ..she will happily jump onto our laps to be stroked and petted, she’s also started purring quite noisily…… Molly is one skitty kitty and whilst she is happy to take treats from our hands she will not let us touch her yet …she plays and interacts with us with her toys and ping pong balls but any attempt to touch her sends her scooting away …. just have to gain her trust and slowly slowly catchie kitty !! No way will we force her into doing anything she’s not ready for. They are happy, eating well and know where the litter trays are, so no problems there …they’ve also annihilated the corner of our rug ……..the tinkers ……… we love them and thank you for allowing us to adopt them ..🐾🐾💜🐾🐾💜 Janet




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