Hello friends, I have been meaning to write for a while to let you all know how I am getting on in my new home. I was adopted just before Christmas 2012. I had been in the shelter for ages (about 6 months) and although everyone there was very kind it wasn’t the same as having my own pad. I was called Sailor when you knew me but my new slaves changed my name to Mo (after the Olympic runner) I took a couple of days to settle but I soon felt very much at home. The slaves were very thoughtful – they had put up a nice tree in the house with lots of glittery balls for me to play with!-

I have an older brother – he was quite grumpy when I arrived. I wanted to play all the time but he was a right old misery. It all changed when we spent two weeks holiday together over the summer. Now we get on quite well and he will play with me sometimes. We like playing ambush – he sits in the middle of the lawn and I rush out from the bushes and jump on his head. Well, I find it fun.

I have lots of toys but my favourite things to do are playing with a dripping tap and pushing things off the work top – the bigger noise and mess they make the better. My favourite things to tip over are glasses – preferably when they are full of water.

It has taken me quite some time to get the slaves trained. They now know not to sit on my bit of the sofa (a quick nip in the ribs in the early days soon made them understand that it was my place) although I still have to give them a nip on the back of the legs if they don’t get my breakfast quick enough. It’s slow work but I’m getting there. If they leave the lid off the tin its better, then I help myself although the meat in gravy can get a bit messy at times.

Here is a photo of me in my garden, doing my big cat impression

Love Mo (aka Sailor)

I forgot to add quite an important bit which is to people looking for a cat – don’t overlook us black and black and white cats because we are beautiful! Love n kisses

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