Well, hello everyone at HAWT – Mitch here.



You may remember that I was adopted back in July and I’ve been meaning to get in contact with you to let you know how I’m getting on in my new home.



I’ve settled in really well and got my new mum and dad trained pretty well!!! I’ve turned out to be quite a playful cat and have three mice to choose from – stripey mouse, dreamie mouse and laser mouse (although I can never seem to catch laser mouse). My dad has made me a fab scratching station with shoelaces fastened to it which I love. I have the run of the house apart from the bedrooms (getting in the bedrooms is work in progress). I like to have an amble outdoors but I much prefer curling up on a cosy lap or on my fleecy bed. When my mum and dad are away on holiday my lovely neighbour Laura looks after me – I brought her a vole as a ‘thank you’ present! I love my food and my fur is much softer and shinier now. My whiskers have also grown and I have more of them.



My mum and dad might be coming to your Christmas Fayre – I’ve heard them talking about it. Bye for now.



Lots of purrs and miaows from Mitch xx

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