Hi here is an update on Missy and how well she has settled in.  From having in Missy she has settled very well with us all and our families, Missy enjoys going for rides in the car going to seaside and long runs on the beach.  Missy is also very good with our son Oakley.  As he has got older they have become more like best friends, now Oakley is crawling around they both follow each other all over. Oakley is now at the stage where he wants to share his food with her, he will eat some and then give bits to Missy but if she can’t get what he’s giving her out of his hand she will just sit and wait till we help  and she never just takes. When Oakley’s upset and she’s not in the room and hears him crying she will run in to the room check he’s ok licking him and sniffing him then sit with him/us until he’s ok.  We really couldn’t ask for a better dog for us as a family.  Missy is our family now.

Love Jade Luke Oakley and Missy x

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