Minnie and Pippy




I was rehomed in August from Hull Animal Welfare along with my kitten. We are mother and daughter and we wanted to stay together. We were named Natasha and Nikki, but we are now I am called Minnie, and my baby is called Pippy! We are very happy in our new home and love all of the different places we can sleep. We are not your regular cats… We like to chase our tails, and will happily eat anything that is left unattended. As well as this, we like our tummies to be tickled, and we require as much attention as a puppy would! Luckily, we are loved very much and nobody seems to mind. Over Christmas, we were very confused when a strange tree appeared in our sleeping space, we checked it like good cats and removed all the dangerous looking dangley things. My daughter Pippy gets herself in some mischievous situations, such as exploring the bath (full of water!), hiding in the cupboards and trying to play with next doors big cat through the patio doors.

We are very settled and would like to thank all of you for looking after us, while we found our forever home. Thank you xxx

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