We sometimes take on cats that are definitely not easy to re-home, Milly was one of them.  Whilst in our care she would bite and scratch anyone that went near her.  On  occasions like this we appeal to special people to take on the more difficult cats.  These people tend to have small holding or allotments, somewhere a cat can be watched, fed and cared for but doesn’t have the restrictions of a family home, this is the story of one such cat :



My name is Milly, I came to live at my new home last year, I was not a happy cat, I would bite and scratch  My new mum put me in a shed for two weeks, she would feed me but I was so frightened I would climb the walls.  When I was let out I would sneak back on a night for my tea but mum saw me and would say hello but I wouldn’t go anywhere near her.  Then I noticed she was feeding these big horses everyday and they weren’t frightened of her and she would pat them and they loved it so I started to get nearer and started talking to her and she would talk back asking if I had had a nice day and did I enjoy my tea. Then I plucked up the courage to get nearer still and now I run to greet mum every morning and night and after my meals I go over and she scratches my head and back and my engine has started working again it never stops purring, I love it here, thank you mum for making me feel safe and loved.

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