Hi there.  I don’t know if you remember me. I used to be called Chilli but now my new mum and dad have given me a new name…Mia.


I’ve settled in and am now enjoying my new home where, along with my big brother Ollie, I am spoiled and given lots and lots of love. (I’m the one at the front of the photo).


I’m still unsure of how to feel when my mum and dad pick me up and I panic a little, but they are very patient with me, and they allow me to sit on their knees when I decide I want to.  My brother Ollie, who also spent some time with you, likes to play chase, and I think it makes my mum and dad jump when they hear us knocking things over. (hee hee).


My life is so nice now, and I can’t wait until I’m allowed in the garden in a few weeks time.  Thank you for looking after me, and for letting me come to live here.   Lots of love Mia x

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