Hi, hope you are all well. It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch and thought I would let you know how Meowth is getting on. You know her as Lorna and we got her when she was six months old in January 2009. Luckily, you knew exactly when she was born and today is her 8th birthday and touch wood she has been totally healthy ever since.

She’s a happy little soul, content to plod around the house and knows exactly when the kids are getting back from school and then follows them around the house – particularly my son. Sometimes he can’t move for her. She’ll be quite content snoozing on my knee and he’ll come and sit next to me and she’s straight off to him. She has never been outside. The furthest she will go, and then rarely, is to follow me when I put the washing out. As soon as she hears a noise or I move to go back inside, she runs ahead of me. Meowth loves watching birds through the windows and keeps an eye on my daughter’s rat at a distance. I think if she was ever left along with the rat she wouldn’t know what to do and would run away. As for spiders – useless – does not kill them for me. I point them out in the hope that she will kill them for me but all she does is watch them for a while and then gets bored!

Anyway, I’ve attached a picture of her lording it up for you to see her nowadays. It was taken at the weekend and just sums up a very happy and lucky cat.

Thanks for homing her with us.  Kay

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