Max & Pipa

Hi, just thought you might like to see how Pipa & Max have developed in the 5 years since we rehomed them

They have just returned from their holiday on the Norfolk Broads where they tried to cross every sand dune and sniff every seagull in a 2 week period, they are both happy and much loved

Both are now asleep on the couch as I type this, and Max is still a bed hog taking ¾’s of the settee and the space he hasn’t taken is often occupied by his wagging tail.

They are both very distinct characters and were glad they are in our lives and that Hull Animal Welfare managed to save them from termination by the council.

Though Pipa still has a deep fear of Men with Cigarettes and they both are naughty with other dogs when on the lead ( despite constant training the fellow dog walkers around the west end are used to seeing us cross the road or sneak up a side street, to avoid any confrontations)

Both are fit and well, though age is creeping up on us all, greying muzzles and aching joints (and that’s just my wife !), we’d love to help you with the walking of the dogs in the mornings, but we daren’t as we know we would end up with an even bigger family

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