We collected Max (Marcus) on 28th December 2006, a 9 month old puppy whose previous owner was no longer able to take care of him. I’ll always remember first meeting him in his kennel a few days before Christmas, he walked straight past me, more interested in having a sniff around outside, I had to make a huge effort for him to acknowledge me but once he finally did I knew I’d found my new best friend.



Max was the youngest rescue Cocker Spaniel we had ever adopted and with this brought lots of new experiences, the first being to get him over the fear of traveling in a car, house training him, walking on and off his lead and teaching him how to go up and down stairs. He mastered the stairs pretty quickly and soon made the decision that for the next 10 years that my bed was also his bed. He’d often pick one of his babies up late on an evening and make it clear to me that it was bed time.



We enjoyed so many adventures with Max, walking parts of the Wolds Way, visiting the Lake District, camping, joining working days at Raywell Scout Activity Centre where he would regularly pinch work gloves. But, by far his favourite place for walks was on the beach either at Easington or Mapleton although he was more comfortable with a paddle than a swim.



Over the years he made many friends, known to Trish at Purfect Pets as the Ginger Winger, he was never that keen on being left alone and groomed, often featuring on their facebook posts with the biggest, saddest eyes but they always took good care and looked after him. He’d often meet Beavers, Cubs & Scouts when we would go to visit them on camps, he lapped up all the attention he could get and really enjoyed having a cuddle and being stroked.



After a bumpy start Max also made friends with my sisters cat Molly and would often howl whenever he heard her name mentioned. Whenever any member of our family was away he would always have a conversation over the phone. We also found out that he had ticklish feet, it almost seemed as though he was laughing when tickled. In later life Max met my sisters new born baby in May ’17. He instantly bonded with him and would lay next to his pram or on the floor beside him after a sniff.



Sadly after a routine visit to the vets during July ’17 we found out that he had a heart murmur which after a scan would be confirmed as being a tumour on his heart. We’d noticed that he had slowed down, he was always last up in a morning and his walks were becoming shorter, initially we put it down to old age but now we knew why. With advice from the vet we monitored him, he was still enthusiastic and enjoying shorter more frequent walks, longer cuddles on the sofa and laying in the sun in the garden. As the weeks went on he gradually lost his appetite and we quickly realised that he’d had enough.



Max was the best friend anyone could have ever hoped for, he was our world and we were his. After nearly 11 years we sadly had to say good bye on 15th August ’17 but not without him giving us some of the best and fondest memories we could have ever hoped for.



The picture attached is of Max at Easington Beach last year ’16 and is my favourite picture that I have of him.



I hope you might be able to include his story in the Happy Endings area of your website. Max was one in a million and Id like to say a huge thanks to Hull Animal Welfare Trust for helping him become such a huge part of our lives.



Kind Regards, Andy

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