Hi, my name is Glenis

Over 17 years ago I came to South Cave with my husband to look for a puppy and found Max. He was dangly and nervous and hid at the back of the run. Other puppies he was with from another litter were much friendlier but my husband said we should have him. I thought he was mad but how wrong I was. Max was was born on the 4th April 1993 at South Cave and was put to sleep last Friday 5th August when old age just got the better of him.

He was a collie cross a bit strange looking but we loved him. He had a wonderful nature and a heart of gold. He was very affectionate, placid and loved being with people. He was sensitive and knew when anyone was sad or ill and would stay with you. Not the bravest of dogs and a bit camp but everyone loved him. My daughters at the time were 4 and 6, now 22 and 24 they can not remember a time when he was not part of their lives and so their loss has been huge. He loved everyone, and mints with a passion. !!

He brought us pleasure every day with his antics like ball dribbling and trying to round us up. He didn’t calm down until he was about 9 !!!!!!! The girls uses to dress him up and wherever they were he was. He accepted every other animal that came to our home, mice, rats, chinchilla, bird, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and recently chickens with curiosity and affection and a look at us as much as to say “not another one” !!!!!!

He lived a full and long life in a very loving family where he was a big and important part of our family. When he died his testimony was the number of people I had to contact to let know he’d gone Thank you for him and everything you do.

Regards Glen, Amy and Katy x

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