I had never had a dog before, just cats and rabbits along with other small animals. I visited the centre to see if I could adopt another animal as I felt my children were old enough. Once we had a house check we were told about a dog called Lucy. I went to visit Lucy to see how I felt about her and yes it was an instant click. She was 5 months old and a fussy little thing and I signed up for her there and then. She is now 3 years old and called Lilly as I thought fresh start fresh name and such a great tempered dog. She lays and plays with my cats, she is fantastic with my 3 children and everybody else. She just loves people. She doesn’t cost a lot to take care of and she’s so spoilt. I have never had any trouble with her. We go everywhere in the car together and she likes to be part of everything.

Kind Regards Sarah and family.

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