Jem (2)Hi there,  just a note to say `thank you` for allowing us to adopt 8 year old Jem, she`s a real sweetie, very affectionate and we love her to bits. She had settled in by the second day and got on well right from the start with my other 3 dogs, you`d think she`d been here forever, she`s a great little dog.  I`ll hand you over to Jem herself now:-



Hi folks


Just thought you`d like to know how I`m getting on in my new home.  This is me in my new home with brother and sisters, as you can see they are all enormous, well, they are to me, especially Leo, the Brindle Greyhound, he`s a giant. They are all very nice and seem to like me and Leo doesn`t mind when I walk underneath him. Kelly, the `scruffy` Lurcher and I have great fun chasing each other round the garden and through the house, she and I enjoy playing together.


My new Mum and Dad are very nice and take us all out together for walkies although Leo doesn`t always come with us and he`s old and gets puffed. We all would like to chase the cats we see and I would like to chase anything that flies, birds, butterflies and even bees but my Mum won`t let me, she says I`ll get stung by the bees and it`ll hurt. There are lots of beds around the house for me to lie on and I get to go upstairs at night and sleep up there with my Mum and Dad and Kelly. When we go on our walks we meet lots of people and they all make a fuss of me, sometimes I get a treat as well. I like it here and am pleased I came to live with Terry and Jill and my brother and sisters.


Thank you HAWT for finding me such a nice home.




Thanks from Terry and Jill

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