Jack and Diego

Dear Team at the Hull Animal Welfare Trust,

I thought I would send you a few photos of Jack and Diego to let you know they are doing well and are all settled now.  The first 24 hours were a little fraught for Diego and he spent most of that time under my son’s bed, whereas Jack made himself at home within 5 minutes. We spent time with Diego, talking to him gently and he eventually came out for food and cuddles, even sitting on my son’s knees. By the next evening, he had made his way down to eat his meal with Jack and looked so much more settled and confident, If a little skittish.

Two weeks on, they are both lovely and affectionate, also very playful. My son and I crack up laughing when we hear them charging around like cannonballs on the first floor of our house. They love napping on our knees and usually spend the night next to me on my bed. They also love their food and always look forward to their meals.

They are truly adorable and we are so happy they are now part of our family 🙂

Very best wishes to you all, Sandra and Etienne  (as well as Diego and Jack!)

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