We got our dog Jack (known as Derrick to HAW) back in October 2005 as he was a stray.   We got him as our family wasn’t complete and thought he would make a good addition to the family and also keep our other dog Sherah (also a HAW dog) company while we was at work.



Unfortunately Sherah died 3 years later but our family had grown with the welcome of small feet.  However Jack was a little terror for the first 6 months having him. Always trying to escape and run away, until one day he did manage to get out. An hours search for him we found him on a nearby field, he saw us and immediately ran too us and jumped into the car. Ever since then he never tried to run away.



For the last 13 years he’s always been there for us and based having all our holidays in the U.K. so he could come camping with us. He loved it, the fresh air, the walks, the rivers, the beach and sea, he always came with us.  Unfortunately over the last couple of years his hearing started to go which meant he no longer go off his lead.  Over this last year his health had started to deteriorate and unfortunately he passed away 2 weeks ago.



From a 4 year old stray upto nearly 17 he’s been a much loved family member and will be truly missed.



Regards, Mark & Louise

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