Holly came to live with us in November 2011. I had always wanted a dog of my own and this was now the perfect time. We took to her as soon as we saw her, and I remember after we’d taken her for a little walk she made a little crying noise when we had to leave her tugging at our heart strings straight away. We brought Holly back to our house and helped to settle her in which she did very well. She quickly made herself a permanent ‘speed bump’ throughout our house, just flopping down wherever she felt like it regardless of whether she was in the way or not! ……and then bit by bit, big brown eyes pleading…..she slowly progressed onto the sofas and was bought her own throw to get comfy on. My husband and son had one sofa (the boys), Holly and I had the other (the girls!!).

Holly spent 5 days a week at the house with me and my husband has a nursery where she would spend the other 2 days freely running around, exploring and accompanying him on his jobs. She loved this and we would see a different side to her personality, a very confident one. I used to take her for long walks on Beverley Westwood which I would like to say she loved……but Holly wasn’t big on walks!!!…… when most dogs get over excited when the lead is picked up, Holly would turn, run and hide!! I remember watching my son literally dragging her down our road for a walk, her legs squared like a table holding her ground!!!! She much preferred the nursery and the free run of our house and garden. We had been told she’d been bullied by another dog in the past and I think this contributed to her ‘worry’ about walkies as if another dog was in a mile radius of us, she would either pull me the other way or hide behind my legs, regardless of whether it was a deerhound or a miniature poodle!!!

Considering she may not have had the most stable background she was the most well behaved dog we could ever have wished for, indeed lots of people commented on this, she always got compliments whenever I took her out because she was such a scruffy, shaggy loveable dog, and despite the fact I groomed her every day still managed to look as if she hadn’t seen a brush in her life!! She was very very loving, and would follow us all round the house and the moment you sat next to her would literally put her paw over your arm and blow down her nose to you…… she got cuddled constantly by all of us….and loved every minute of it, as did we

Sadly in September this year she started with a cough, we took her to the vets as it didn’t seem to be shifting and was given antibiotics and advised to come back if it didn’t improve. It did for a while but then came back, sounding more like a wheezy cough this time, we took her back again and after Xray and examination it was discovered she had a large tumour on her lungs which was inoperable. Two weeks ago after her condition had worsened quite considerably she was put to sleep at our house with her head on my chest and my arms around her. My husband, my son, myself and other members of our family were all totally devastated. We still are, there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t miss her terribly, but although we only had her for a relatively short time couldn’t have loved her anymore than we did. We have been asked if we will get another dog……at this moment in time its not another dog we miss…..it’s Holly. Who knows in the future? Far too soon now, but if we do we will definitely return to South Cave again for it. Thank you so much for introducing us to her in the first place.


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