Dear all at Hull Animal Welfare


We’re not sure if anyone would remember (you’ll have seen 1000’s of dogs since) but back in August 2005 we adopted a brindle crossbred who was approximately 4 years old called Hattie from yourselves. She had been found as a stray in Hull and had a fear of men (as well as kitchen utensils and towels as we found out). She was not to be rehomed with children or other animals.


We adopted her and have never looked back. She’s 17 now and completely deaf but very active. She has a love of walks (she’s done marathon training in the past and still wanted to play post 20 miles of run!), playing with a tennis ball, swimming and the sofa. She’s over the fear of men and house hold utensils.


She’s been hilarious over the years and has learnt to behave with other animals and children to the point that our nephew hugs her continuously when she’s with him.
She’s come riding, been camping, on boats, on walking holidays, an excellent pacemaker as a running companion and will play with anything. She’s also ensured that we have changed things for her – the no sofa rule was immediately scrapped in her mind and stopping her was futile.


We just wanted to say thank you for letting us (2 people who work full time) adopt a rescue dog. It can be something that is challenging to do for people who work but love having a dog as there are obvious concerns about caring for them. However with a mixture of popping her in kennels for the odd day and various very kind neighbours (who get to borrow a dog for the day without the cost) we’ve managed perfectly. She’s become such a firm favourite in the village where we live in Bedfordshire.

Here are a few photos – one or her a few months post adoption, then one of her a few weeks ago indulging her love for water on a local walk.



Many thanks again, Charlie and Claire

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