Hannah and Nipper

We were lucky enough to adopt from you Hannah (Doris) back in Feb 2013 after the loss of my black lab who reached an amazing age of 14 1/2yrs. We already had an older staffie and he needed a friend as he’d never been an only dog. Hannah came into our fold and she fitted in without a glitch. She was only 14 weeks old, a very pretty black and white staffie who had already had something like 11 different homes. She certainly blossomed fast, and after six months she was becoming a bit too much for our older staffie, so we took the bold – many thought foolish – idea of getting another puppy who hopefully will grow old and happy with Hannah after our older one has decided to leave us. So . …. . August 2013 we were lucky enough to see Arthur on your site, renamed Nipper, the tiniest 14 week old puppy you could imagine for a staffie cross, you would have thought he was about 4 weeks old, so quiet and subdued, he was living in one of your foster homes. The second time I rang up about him, because you couldn’t tell me his parentage apart from being a staffie cross, he had just come into your center, so I came to see him and he seemed as laid back as our old staffie, nothing seemed to phase him whilst I was there, ‘perfect’ I thought, so I brought him home! Hannah, despite lots of walks, games and our constant company was certainly a livewire, she is so very intelligent and a little calm puppy I thought would be the perfect balance to bring a sense of calm back to the clan, hmm . . . wrong again. Within 48 hours this tiny quiet angelic little puppy, became a non-stop entity of energy and commotion matching Hannah in every way. Hannah wondered what had arrived in her home, our older staffie was content to lay and watch the fun and games, needless to say, thankfully this lead to Hannah and Nipper becoming the best of friends from the start, all three get on fantastically not a cross growl between them. I remind them every day how lucky they are to be with ‘us’ and with each other! The photo is very typical of Hannah and Nipper, where ever she goes, lays or hides, Nipper is sure to follow, laying on top of her, squeezing into the smallest gaps, many a time non existing gaps to be as close to her as he can! They have both been neutered and just couldn’t be happier. Their characters are very different, we think Nipper is part Jack Russell, he never stops and constantly taunts Hannah into playing, which is his only agenda, then when he’s finally done he snuggles into me and sleeps like a baby, you can’t wake him up, even now at 15 months! Hannah is the most loving gentle girl, with a wild side, but such an adorable giving dog, a true treasure who just wants to please and be close.

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