Thanks so much for introducing us to Felix. He’s great and he’s settled in so well it feels like we’ve known him for much longer than nearly a month (on Sat).  Felix and Dora are getting on fine. They now eat near each other and sleep in the same room ( different chairs). They have played together, then Dora batted Felix instead of the ping-pong ball but he just looked surprised and waited until she got fed up with the game then he went back to it. Passing on the stairs is a bit “touchy feely” but they are getting there and we haven’t had early morning hissy fits for about a week. they are also going nose to nose without any aggression. I’m pleased how this is going.



For himself, Felix is so affectionate, lively, nosy, bouncy like Tigger and he will sort of do as you ask him ( usually). He’ll also settle down on our knees for a bit of a fuss.



He went to see the vet nurse for a quick “well cat ” check this week and charmed everyone at the surgery. He didn’t like the idea of going in his box ( think he worried that he was going to lose his home again) but was ok once at vet’s. Went on a quick exploration of the consulting room and settled on their windowsill! He’s been fine at home since.



As i said in earlier email, he’s eating well and isn’t fussy about food. He comes to look for it and does this endearing, excited little squeak when he hears the food box opening…… and then he walks so close that we nearly trip over him!!



He’s photogenic too. Happy pix attached. Hope you all like them.  Thank you. Best Wishes to Everyone.  Ken & Helen

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