Just wanted to update you on our new addition Summer, now called Dolly.

We visited HAWT after our black cat Millie (previously Dusky), who we adopted from you, passed away suddenly at only 4 years old.

As soon as mentioned that I loved black cats, the volunteer’s face lit up and she showed me the different cats they had, including a very noisy and slightly overweight black cat named Summer. That was it, I knew who we were going to take home!

Dolly has settled in well, she knows exactly where the kitchen is and does not let anybody go in there with her checking out what they are doing. I have never met such a greedy cat, she is very good at stealing food from our plates and will eat anything. We always forgive her though because she is so affectionate and loving. She loves to sleep on my bed at night, she waits until everyone is asleep and then brings her turkey toy upstairs, shouting so I know she is on her way.  She hasn’t been outside yet but doesn’t seem that bothered. I think after living life as a stray she prefers to stay where she knows she will be served food on a silver platter (she wishes!).

Thank you for all the work you do and for bringing two fantastic cats into our lives. Millie is sorely missed but Dolly is doing a great job of easing that loss.

Here she is relaxing on the sofa. What a pretty girl she is!

Louisa and family

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