Dexter, an update




It will be four years since we met and re-homed dear, loving Dexter in a few days. He continues to be a delight. He has had some treatment for ringworm recently, apart from this he is a very active, playful and very loving cat with a real personality. In the last year he has developed a liking for Tuna pouches after previously refusing anything fishy. He
didn’t eat much meaty food, preferring dried food, except for beef and tomato or chicken and peas. He still seems to think birds and mice are to play with.



For some reason he loves cellophane and plastic wrapping and will chew or eat any left about and can smell it out with ease! He has destroyed several greetings cards left about too. He gets bullied by our neighbour’s cat who is also called Dexter, but does his best to claim His territory which he patrols often. He is in and out of our and neighbours
gardens most of the day, but likes his afternoon snooze on our bed. He is usually in by tea time and is discouraged from going out at night.  Why we came to South Cave as it is a more distant welfare centre we will never know, but we and Dexter are glad we did following the death of our previous cat Misty who was another delightful character who lived to just two months short of her 19th birthday. I (Edwin) did not have to decide which cat to choose – Dexter simply threw himself and his toys at me!  Best Wishes. Margaret and Edwin

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