Comet’s Story




Comet must have been one of our longest staying dogs if not the longest, he came to us in November 2012 and stayed almost three years. We took him on after he was found with horrific facial injuries, his owner had abandoned him after trying to put his face back together with an industrial stapler gun! We believed he had been used for badger baiting. Although a lovely temperament with people he was a large powerful dog and a suitable owner proved hard to find. Then along came Liz and Pete and a match was made ! Everyone at the centre was ecstatic.



He has been in his new home about a year now and here’s what Liz and Pete say about him:



Hi, this is Comet’s favourite place to sit outside. The garden slopes down and from here he can see over the fence at the bottom of the garden and watch what is happening on the dell.  He had dental work at the vets a couple of weeks ago. They took a few teeth out.  Hasn’t stopped him from eating his chews!



His favourite walk is down to, and round, a lake not far away. We can walk him down there without his muzzle as it is very quiet. Hardly ever see anyone else down there.  When I am at work he sits at the top of the stairs and guards the house and he sounds like a baby elephant running up and down them!



He loves having cuddles and strokes, he really is a very loving dog. We are so lucky to have him.

Regards Liz and Pete


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