Chazz and Kia




I have been with my mam and dad for 7 years and now I have a play mate called Kia she is 7 going on 2, thank you for putting us both on your happy ending page, got to dash now it`s teatime, if I don`t watch Kia she will eat my meal too, looking forward to seeing us both on your happy ending page xxx from Chazz



KiaHi, I just like to say many thanks for finding me my forever home, my name was MISSY but my new name is KIA, I am very happy now, going on holiday with my new mam and dad, I love the beach, playing a lot and having fun, got a brother called Chazz (he also came from you) must go now dinner is served and it is TURKEY. lots of thank you for giving me a second chance . Love KIA

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