Cate and Brianna




Hello lovely cat carers, just wanted to send some love from renamed Cate and Brianna.  They’ve settled in a treat since getting them at the beginning of January.  Well Cate was settled in 5 mins, flat on her back !!  Brianna is a little more wary – does not like hands but will happily lick bald heads given half the chance!  Both love Love Love chasing string, all round the house and Cate will retrieve like a dog throw after throw. She’s definitely part Siamese, so after reading up found they are good in a harness, so she now goes for a stroll around the garden – sadly couldn’t fit in a cat harness – we’re working towards that (half a kilo lost so far) – so in a small dog one instead – neighbours love the sight!!  They’ve learnt how to open the treat cupboard and the pedal bin – tuna juice on tinfoil was my present brought up at 2am last night on the duvet! Hmmmmm!



Cate managed to eat a metre long piece of string which only half came out – and scared the bejesus out of her – was hilarious after I’d pulled the rest out!  They are both so talkative love playing and sleeping together, but fight over who gets the best spot on the PlayStation.  And the best thing is they are so friendly to any and all guests.  Thank you all Love and hugs Helen x

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