Cassie and Millie



Cassie our dearly loved Jack Russell/Patterdale cross was born in Hull Animal Welfare on 7 March 1996. Her parents Millie and Rufus (Nipper) were already in HAW.  We adopted Cassie when she was 6 weeks old.   Cassie 5 She loved walks and playing and especially enjoyed the seaside (Scarborough, Bridlington and Robin Hoods Bay) and playing ball.

Unfortunately on 25 January 2015 she had to be put to sleep. She was a beautiful dog who was very good natured and obedient and was a massive part of our family. We were always so proud of her, she was such a good dog. Everyone who met her fell in love with her.  We were heartbroken to lose her but take comfort in the fact that she almost reached the remarkable age of 19 years old.Cassie 3Cassie 4Cassie 1




Millie (Approx. Dec 2013-)
After losing Cassie we recently visited HAW and on Monday 9 February 2015 we adopted Millie


Millie 1Millie 3




Millie 2Millie

Millie is approx 1 year old and had spent several months at HAW.  Millie is a beautiful Jack Russell who has quickly settled in with us. She is having lessons at walking on a lead at Home from Home and is learning fast. She can already sit and lie on command and can now catch. She has also now learned to give you her paw.  She is learning well with her lead training and walks are getting better by the week.  She is a very loving and protective dog and we are delighted to have her as part of our family. She loves to lay with you when you are watching the television.


She has been to the seaside once however we are looking forward to being able to let her off her lead when she has learned the recall command.  She loves running around the garden and is enjoying meeting new people. She has settled in very well and already has her place in our family. She is great to have around and brings us a lot of fun, laughter and happiness, just as Cassie did.  We believe that it was meant to be that Millie has become our dog as she had a previously un-successful re-homing attempt.
Unfortunately, as Millie was 1 year old when we adopted her we don’t have any photos of her when she was a puppy. If the initial owner is out there reading this we would love to hear from them and would love to copy some of her puppy photos.


Thank you to all at HAW and keep up the good work! We hope to come and see you in the summer and we look forward to bringing Millie for you all to see how well she is doing.


Steve, Alison & Jessica

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