Today has not been such a happy ending, but the past 7 years has been a remarkable journey with our dog Buster.

I would just like to say a huge thank you for giving us the opportunity to adopt Buster. Ever since we first laid eyes on him in 2008 and said “what about him?” there has not been a minutes regret, admittedly there has been a lot of hard-work involved, like teaching him what stairs were, but he was worth it a million times over. Upon first seeing him in the kennels his character was very apparent to see, bouncy and vibrant and full of life. His nose had been bit by another dog as he poked his face out of the kennel which attracted all the sympathy towards him! He would adopt this puppy dog eye approach throughout the next 7 years on almost a daily basis especially where there was food involved.

There was nothing more he loved than going on walks with his Dad whom had to collect an unhealthy amount of golf balls because Buster became some sort of horder when on a golf course. His mischievousness got him in trouble a lot of time, including eating the entire contents of his Mums face cream which had just arrived by post and gobbling an entire chocolate bar with the wrapper still on! He always made us laugh and smile and that’s the best gift that he could ever give us, he wasn’t just a dog, he was family.

There’s so many stories I could write down but there isn’t enough time in the world.

Buster sadly passed away on the 20th of February after a battle with illness, his Mum and Dad were by his side.

Thank you for giving us the chance to love an amazing dog.

Yours Sincerely, Josh

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