Broxi Bear




Bear – Now Broxi Bear



Bear has been with us over a month now and settled in almost immediately. He is a now Glasgow Rangers Supporter and has been re-named ‘Broxi Bear’ after the Glasgow Rangers football club mascot.



He has managed to sit on every chair in the house, even when the chair is too small for him and he has to sit with his two front legs on the floor.

Broxi Bear has made friends with Susie, our beautiful 17 year old Labrador Retriever and they are getting along very well, and if Susie can’t manage to finish her chew or her biscuit, Broxi Bear very kindly finishes it for her.

Broxi behaves himself when he is on a lead, although he is not very keen on the cold weather and is soon happy to head off home back to the comfort of his bed, our bed, anybody’s bed, chair or sofa.

At home he lets us know when anyone is at the door and he never dashes out of the front door when it is opened. (good boy Broxi Bear)

He is a treasure and we are happy that he has come to live with us!



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