Hi All.  Just an update to let you know how I am getting on.



My name is Bobby, or better known now as Bob now.  Elaine and Paul gave me my now forever home back in July 2016 and I have not looked back since. I still enjoy a good bark at any passing stranger outside my number 1 home but now enjoy having a mobile home also.



My new servants took me home on the first day and I settled in no problem, the next day they put me in the car and put this big thing on wheels behind us. We went away for a week in what is now my number 2 home to the Yorkshire Dales and I really enjoyed myself. Plenty of walks and new things to explore. As you can see from the photos attached I love my creature comforts both at home and away and now have plenty of toys to chew at home.



At home I get plenty of love and attention and now have Elaine at home nearly all the time because I don’t like being left alone for long. I love the long walks I get twice a day and make a fuss of Paul when he gets home from work. I also have another dog friend Roxy who is also a rescue dog that visits when my mum and dad’s daughter comes to visit. She is 10 times my size being a rotty but I keep her in her place. When Dad takes me to the park I meet other dogs and get on well with them. The best part is chasing around after much younger dogs as I am now getting on for 13 years old.



Thanks all at HAWT for finding me my new forever home.  All our thanks Bob, Elaine and Paul.  Kind regards


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