Hi everyone,

We adopted Bessie in July 2013 and thought you would like to hear how she is getting on. We fell in love with Bessie on your website and we were so excited to meet her. In real life she was even sweeter than we imagined, meowing and talking to us as soon as we saw her. Although all of the other cats were lovely we knew Bessie was the right cat for us, she had been in the shelter for 5 months and we couldn’t wait to give her a loving home.

Since bringing Bessie home with us she has been the best pet we could ever ask for. She’s loving and friendly, and loves nothing more than curling up on your lap and getting plenty of attention. Bessie sleeps on the end of our beds every night on her special cat blanket! Every time we see her she talks to us with her little meows and sometimes she’s very cheeky and jumps inside the fridge when we open it! I think she can smell the chicken.

She ventures outside sometimes but never too far and much prefers to watch the world go by from our living room windowsill. Her new favourite toy is a fluffy pink catnip mouse! Black cats are often overlooked because of their plain colouring but we know they should be given a chance, Bessie has proven to be the most loving cat in the world.

We would also just like to thank everyone who works at the Hull Animal Welfare Trust for the amazing time and care they put into looking after all the animals, everywhere is so clean and it’s so obvious all of the animals are well loved. We wouldn’t have found such a lovely cat without you all.

Best wishes,
The Bannister family

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