Hi everyone at HAWT.  I used to be called Jane but my new owner renamed me Bella. Although I quickly settled in my new home, Charlie (my owner’s other rescue cat, although not from HAWT) was very unsettled around me and my new owner was worried we wouldn’t get along. It’s been slow progress but Charlie and I are finally starting to settle together. Only time will tell if we will ever be friends!

I’m very happy at my forever home and I love nothing better than sitting on my new owner’s lap for cuddles. She gives me lots of treats to eat yum yum. I also love going outside. I did sneak out once before I was meant to go outside, which I really enjoyed but for some reason my owner was really worried??? I came back in my own good time though!

Thank you to everyone at HAWT for looking after me and my owner, Nicky also says thank you very much. She has sent you some pictures of me all settled in my new forever home

Love Bella (and Nicky)

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